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Monday, October 20, 2008

Basement Craft Room - Part 1

Hello, again! In my first post, I pointed out that we remodeled our basement and included in that remodel was my very own craft room. It was finished about 6 months ago and I’m still as excited about it today as I was when it was first completed. I still have some walls to decorate, some furniture to paint, etc., but I’m usually too busy crafting to take the time to finish these things in my room!

Today I’m going to share some “before” pictures and some pictures of the work in progress. My next post will show you what the room looks like now.

My room started with an area of the basement that was about 19 X 13.5 feet. It had quite a few corners and turns in the walls. Since this area is in a corner of the house, two of the walls were the concrete foundation walls. This area is under a bay window in the dining room, so there was also a bay-shaped area that became my closet. (See photo above.)

There were a couple partial walls that were the unfinished sides of some finished walls. The door in the picture above leads into the area that had been previously finished (although not very nicely - the reason for the remodel). There was a long hallway to the left of this door leading into another unfinished area.

The refrigerator that was left in the house when we bought it also occupied a portion of my space.

A wall was built so that there was no longer access to the long hallway. Another wall was built to the right of the refrigerator, but leaving a doorway into what became the furnace/air conditioner/water heater/storage room. The new wall is to the left of the ladder in the photo below.

Here are some additional photos of the work in progress.

We decided the refrigerator would stay in my craft room since it was a convenient part of the basement for it - close to the stairs, so it was easy to run down to the basement and get something out of the freezer, and just around the corner from the new wet bar in the other room, so it was handy to store extra food or drinks here.

Since there are no windows and natural light in this area, I decided to paint my room a nice light, bright blue.
I wanted my tile to be in a quilt pattern. Have you ever noticed how many quilt patterns involve triangles? The builder told me that cutting tiles into triangles was not a good idea because it's easier for the little pointed corners to come unglued, so I looked for a pattern involving only squares. Not a lot to choose from so I decided on this basket weave pattern.

And here is my room when it is almost done!

Come back soon for pictures of my finished room!

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