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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Basement Craft Room - Part 2

Here are pictures of my finished craft room. Well, mostly finished. I still have some things I want to put on the walls, furniture to paint, etc. But it is mostly organized and very usable. Today I will show you the basic features of the room. In future posts, I will talk about my furniture and storage.


The corner on the right side of this picture is the corner where the two unfinished walls came together. The wall on the left is the new wall built to separate the craft room from the furnace/storage room. All we had the builder do along the back wall the camera is facing is install a countertop and a sink with cabinet underneath. I wanted to be able to have rolling storage carts under the counter rather than built in cabinets all along the wall.

My husband and I went to Home Depot or Lowe’s (I’ve forgotten which, we’ve made so many trips to both!) to buy the brackets and shelves that we installed over the counter. I saw pictures of craft rooms with shelves for open storage and to hold decorative items and I decided that’s what I wanted to do.


This area of our basement has lots of corners and zigzagging walls, so I played around with the best layout for the furniture for a long time. On paper, before we actually moved all the furniture into the room.


The closet is the area under the bay window. We didn’t have the walls inside the closet finished, just left them concrete, since it’s just a closet. We had the builder provide and install the shelving in the closet since it had to be installed on the concrete walls. Not something we wanted to tackle ourselves.


The wall behind the desk is where the opening to the old hallway used to be. The doorway on this wall is the existing doorway, we just had the door turned around so that it opens outward instead of into the room.


As I said in my previous post, the basement refrigerator was going to stay in my room. I still have plenty of room with it in its same corner as before.


Since the house already had a central vacuum system, we had another outlet put into the craft room. It has already proven to be very handy! And very easy to vacuum up threads or whatever from the tile floor. The outlet is on the wall next to the blue chair.


I have an 8-foot long table in the middle of the room. That's my main workspace.


I had also read that it’s best to have different types of lighting, so along with the fluorescent lights, I also had halogen spots that can be pointed in any direction installed over the work surfaces. (Photos above and below).


And those are the main features of my room. Coming soon will be how I furnished my room. I’ve decided my craft room posts will have a much better chance of being finished if I write in multiple small pieces.

If you’re thinking of building a craft room or converting an existing room into one, I highly recommend the book Organizing Your Craft Space by Jo Packham. It’s got lots of wonderful pictures showing many features of many craft rooms (including those of people I’ve seen on the Carol Duvall show). I spent hours looking through this book and reading and rereading every word while planning my room. Reading this book and planning my room were almost as much fun as working in it is now. (I said ALMOST.)

Come back soon to learn more about my room and to see my Halloween jack-o-lanterns! I’ve got a couple other projects in progress that MUST be done before Thanksgiving. I’ll be showing them soon, also.

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