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Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Jack-o-lanterns

I like to carve cool jack-o-lanterns. Every year, the last couple nights before Halloween, I would carve at least three pumpkins. I would stay up for hours working on my pumpkins since I wanted to do them close to October 31 so they wouldn't get too old too soon. I always hated having to throw my pumpkins away that I had slaved over for hours. I always took pictures of my jack-o-lanterns, but many were before I had a digital camera. I need to find my older pumpkin photos.

And then I started buying the craft pumpkins at JoAnn's or Michael's. I'd carve two or three each year and be able to keep them from year to year, increasing my collection over time. I bought another pumpkin about a week ago, since the sale prices had already started. I haven't carved that one yet, but I thought I would share these photos of my jack-o-lanterns from previous years. I'll have to look for some of my photos from past years and scan them to post one of these days.

Most of these patterns are from the Pumpkin Masters books. The Kansas City Chiefs logo pattern was in the Kansas City Star several years ago. (I have a folder of jack-o-lantern photos, articles and patterns, in addition to the Pumpkin Masters books.) And I have also found patterns online.

Last year, I started buying the little battery powered tea lights. Because of the way the tea lights flicker, it was hard to make them bright enough for a good photo. Most of these pumpkins have three battery powered tea lights in them. I think the last photo I took had four lights in the pumpkin.

So here is my collection of jack-o-lanterns. I love looking at jack-o-lantern pictures. Please let me know if you have some pictures to share, too!

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