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Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Custom Baseball/Softball Jewelry

Well, I said my next post would be to show my finished craft room. I need to take more "after" pictures (after I clean up my room a little!). I will do that this weekend. But meanwhile, I thought I'd share my latest sales from my etsy shop.

My son, who is a junior in high school and wants to play baseball in college, plays on a competitive summer travel team. They also play in the fall and work out and practice during the winter. He's been on this team a year, and it's a great team with great coaches. To offset the cost of the tournaments, we do various fundraisers throughout the year. One of my ideas was to sell baseball jewelry and donate the profits to the team. I'm in the process of putting together a flyer to leave in the baseball academy that sponsors the team and to have other players and parents hand out. But as soon as I came up with the idea, I made a sample necklace and bracelet and listed them on etsy. I can also make basketball, volleyball and soccer jewelry, but only the baseball/softball jewelry is part of my fundraiser. My first jewelry is for younger players to wear and features their player number, sport and team color. Then I want to move on to nicer jewelry for moms, grandmothers or any other adult fans.

Last night, I got my first order for two softball necklaces. I made them tonight and have them all ready to ship tomorrow morning. I'm very excited by how they look and by the fact that my baseball fundraiser has now officially begun, so I decided to show the necklaces here in my blog. Here they are.

If you have a baseball/softball, basketball, volleyball or soccer player, if they're into their sport, at a certain age they love this kind of thing, boy or girl. And I have eight team colors to choose from. It's not too early to start shopping for holiday gifts. And this would make a great birthday gift, too. I have bracelets, too.
Here's the link to my kids sports jewelry section of my etsy shop.
Please go check it out! And remember, profits from the baseball/softball jewelry go to support our team. Thanks for your support!

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