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Friday, November 7, 2008

Christmas Ornament Wreath

Here are some photos of one of my recent projects. This was actually a “practice” project for something I decided to make almost a year ago. I saw some photos of a wreath made from vintage Christmas ornaments in a Mary Englebreit book and also a Mary Englebreit magazine. There were not complete instructions, just a very general description of how the wreath was made. Around last Christmas, I decided I wanted to make one of these vintage ornament wreaths for my 2008 cousin gift. I went to flea markets and antique malls around the holidays shopping for old ornaments. Some were very expensive, but I stuck to the ones that were under $2 each, the less expensive, the better. I found one booth in an antique mall that had them for 50 and 75 cents. I cleaned them out of all their ornaments.

My mom does a lot of crafts and people are always giving her materials and items that she might be able to use. Someone gave her some of these big containers of gold ornaments and she gave two of them to me. They were cheap plastic ornaments but I decided they would be perfect to practice making a wreath with before I used my good vintage ornaments. My mom makes craft items throughout the year to donate to a craft show that benefits the Sisters Servants of Mary, so I decided I would give my wreath to her for this benefit craft show.

I started with a 12-inch white Styrofoam ring. I should have taken pictures of my wreath in progress, but that was before I decided to start my blog, so I didn’t see a need for photos until it was completed.

I made a wire hanger and attached that before I started adding ornaments.

I placed different size ornaments in various combinations until I liked how they looked, then started hot gluing the ornaments to the wreath. It didn’t look very nice at first, just a Styrofoam wreath with some ornaments here and there, but the more ornaments I glued on, the better it began to look. I made sure to fill the inside edges and the outside edges of the wreath form, along with placing ornaments on the top. (Inside, outside and top as I saw the wreath laying on my craft table.)

Even when I had most of the ornaments glued on, it didn’t look great. The ornament container included gold bells. I decided the wreath needed a touch of color besides gold, so I tied little red ribbons onto the bells and glued the bells on as one of the last things. There was also a bead garland in the ornament container. I wrapped that around the wreath. But there were still places where the white Styrofoam could be seen.

That’s when I decided to buy some of this foil star garland. I wrapped it around the wreath, too, but I tucked bunches of it into holes to cover up the white wreath form. Once I finished that, the wreath didn’t look too bad. From a distance, it actually looked quite nice. Up close, you could see that they were plastic ornaments that had seams showing on them. But considering the only things I bought for this wreath were the Styrofoam ring and the foil garland, I hadn’t invested much in it. My mom told me she thought the wreath was sold for $25, which wasn’t bad. The money went to a good cause and for me, this was the practice for making a wreath with my vintage ornaments. Plus I used up a lot of those plastic ornaments that I really had no other use for!

So now, sometime before Thanksgiving, I will make my cousin gift. I will take pictures of this wreath as I go along. I will feel much better about putting hot glue on my vintage ornaments now that I have made my practice project!

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  1. This is beautiful, if you ever want to be featured on my blog let me know.