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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Coming Soon - $25 Gift Certificate Contest

Happy November! It sure doesn't feel like November yet in the Kansas City area. Our weather has been gorgeous - 60's and 70's. Today is another nice sunny day. I'm getting spoiled with all this nice weather!

I want to let you know about the Gift Fest that http://www.esculonsays.com/ will be starting tomorrow. Every Monday, each of several bloggers will begin a weeklong giveaway for an item. Here is a link to a description of the Gift Fest. I will be participating by giving away a $25 gift certificate to my etsy shop, Prized Possessions. I'm waiting to hear which week will be assigned to me. When I know that, I will provide the details of how to enter my giveaway.

Check back here often to get the details, then I hope you will enter my contest for the gift certificate!

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