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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fabric and Jewelry

A couple things I want to share today. First, if you love quilts, quilting or fabric, take a look at the online shop that belongs to a friend of mine. MyQuiltFabric.com carries fabric and quilt patterns, along with interesting photos, terms and history related to quilts. Take a look at it!

Secondly, on Saturday I went to the Gem, Mineral and Jewelry show in Kansas City. Of course, I bought lots of fun beads, but I want to share something I found that was new to me. White turquoise caught my eye because it was something I had not seen before. It's a white stone with varying amounts of light brown running through it. And I also bought a pretty quartz bead that is different. It's clear with light brown, and occasionally some black, veins running through it. I really like the way the two types of stone look together. Here are the necklace, bracelet and earrings I made from these new beads. I will be adding them to my etsy shop, PrizedPossessions, very soon.

The large oval beads and the small round white beads are white turquoise. The medium size oval beads are the quartz beads.

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