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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gift Certificate Giveaway! Enter Now!

Esculon's Holiday Gift Fest

Those nice folks at Esculon Jewelry began hosting a holiday gift fest last Monday, November 3. Every Monday, until the free gifts run out, Esculon will be showing several new prizes, along with a link to each sponsoring site which will give details on how to enter their giveaway.

It’s my turn starting tomorrow, November 10. I will be offering a $25 gift certificate to my etsy shop, Prized Possessions, which features handmade beaded jewelry and Christmas ornaments. The winner can use this $25 on anything in my shop and receive free shipping on their order. The amount could be used toward the purchase of any of my custom items, also.

Here are the things you need to know about my gift certificate giveaway.
1. Contest starts Sunday November 9 and ends at midnight central time on Saturday November 29. The winner will be notified on Sunday November 30.
2. I am still a fairly new etsy seller. It’s helpful to me to keep learning about what people are interested in buying. To enter my contest, enter a comment for this blog post that lists your three favorite items from my etsy shop, Prized Possessions, that you would actually consider buying. Don’t list some item you like to look at but would never really buy. Please help me learn what a buyer is really interested in.
3. Everyone submitting a comment will be entered in a random drawing to be held the morning of November 30.
4. Make sure when you leave your comment you record accurate contact information so that I will know how to contact you if you are the winner.

Thanks a lot for entering my contest! Good luck! And go check out the other Gift Fest giveaways going on. For more information, see the Esculon Says blog.


  1. Thanks for being a part of such a great gift fest!
    I really do like a number of things in your shop (bookmarked for my own gift ideas!) but I would have to say my 3 favorite are: any Take Credit bracelet - so green and unique!, Aqua Glass Dangle Bracelet - l.o.v.e blue anything, and the Deep Jewel Tone Earrings - see above :-)
    Good luck to everyone entering!

  2. Thanks for the chance to participate in the gift fest.

    Personally, I am a fan of custom jewelry. Particularly, I would consider getting the (1) custom mother's bracelet for my mother-in-law or myself. I also like jewelry made of interesting or recycled materials. So, the (2) take-charge earrings appeal to me as possible gifts to give. I also really like the (3) breast cancer awareness bracelets and earrings. Breast cancer has affected the lives of people I love, and I could see myself buying one of those items for a relative in memory of the loss of her mother or for my mother-in-law, a breast cancer survivor.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. I love the Deep Blue Earrings, After Midnight Earrings and Blue Moon Earrings! It's obvious I'm an earring girl and shades of blue are my favorites!

  4. The Pretty in Pink Bracelet, Purple Velvet Bracelet , and the Swarovski Amethyst Heart Pendant all caught my eye....love the vintage look, in pinks and purples, a rosy outlook!


  5. I absolutely love the take credit bracelet...it's very creative and colorful! The second thing I'd choose is the Berry Merry Christmas ornament...I love the hot pink. My last choice would definitely be the caramel leaf earrings. They're gorgeous.

    By the way, thanks for participating in the Gift Fest!

  6. I love these!

    Pink dangles bracelet
    Purple velvet necklace and bracelet

    I'm a big pink and purple fan!

  7. These are my favorites:

    Blue Ice Bracelet
    Purple Velvet Necklace
    Purple Velvet Bracelet

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    kerin0874 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  8. I love the Pink Dangles Bracelet & the Pink Glass Dangle Bracelet.

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  9. i would buy:

    Pink Glass Dangle Bracelet
    Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant
    After Midnight Bracelet

    fertawert AT yahoo DOT com

  10. Pretty Pastel Pink Pearls, Swarovski Rose Heart Pendant, and Pretty in Pink Bracelet. I love anything pink and your work is very nice! Thanks.

    unforgetable_dreamer_always AT hotmail (Dot) com

  11. My favorite pieces that I would be interested in buying are:
    http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=13735259 -- great color combination and a stunning focal bead.

    http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=vl_other_1&listing_id=16697432 -- I love the look of moonglow beads, and those look great with the simple copper findings.

    http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=12064853 -- because it is totally fun and unique to your shop. Make sure those cut edges arent too sharp!

    my best wishes to you with your etsy shop this holiday season!


  12. I love so many things from that store! i like:

    1.Down by the Sea Bracelet
    2.Blue Ice Bracelet
    3.Royal Blue Bracelet


  13. My three favorite items are: Purple Velvet Necklace; Green Copper Leaf Earrings; and Blue Agate Earrings. Thanks for the giveaway!


  14. Great Giveaway!

    Love the:
    Take Credit Bracelet
    Mother's Bracelet
    Southwest Dream Necklace

    blogged you at prizeatron:

    we would love to win!
    thanks so much!

  15. I really like the Black and White Glass bead necklace, the Swarovski Siam Heart Pendant and your Somethings Fishy Breacelet in Red..You have lovely beaded jewelry:)


  16. I'd be apt to buy the Light Green Floral Earrings, the Black Glass Heart Earrings and the Aqua Flora Bell earrings.

  17. I would choose:

    1)Green Copper Leaf Earrings
    2)Turquoise Leafy Earrings
    3)Caribbean Dangles Bracelet

    They're all very unique and very well made. I'll love to wear any of the three out anytime!


  18. My favorite three items are: (1) Custom Mother's bracelet, (2) Midnight Sky 2 earrings, and (3)Black and Silver Sampler bracelet. So many gorgeous items. I just made your store a favorite so hubby can see it for my birthday that is coming up :)

  19. The three items I would seriously consider buying are: Pink Glass Dangle Bracelet, Rock Around the Clock Earrings, and the Berry Merry Christmas Ornament. Great work! Thanks for your generous giveaway....