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Friday, November 21, 2008

Holiday Open House - Jewelry Display Ideas

Here’s the last post related to my holiday open house. Today I’m going to share some of my display ideas.

When I set up my jewelry display, I had three areas. My earrings were on a 4-foot long wooden workbench that I covered with a 2-yard piece of pretty floral velour fabric that I found on sale at JoAnn’s for $2/yard.

My main display area was our basement game table. I had a 2-yard piece of velour fabric (this one from Wal-Mart) draped over the top of the table. I put a cardboard box in the center of the table, covered with more fabric, that served two purposes. It provided a multi-level display so I could set my bracelet display up at a higher level than the necklace displays. And what I really liked about it was that I could group my necklace displays all around it. The backs of the necklace displays were unfinished, covered with tape and just not very nice looking, so this was a great way to have people be able to walk around the table but hide the backs of the displays.

My third display was for my Christmas ornaments. I hung them on a small artificial Christmas tree that sat on top of a sturdy cardboard box, again covered with JoAnn sale velour.

Bracelet Display
A few years ago, I discovered an easy way to display bracelets. You can fit a lot of bracelets in a very small space and have them all easily seen by hanging them on the pegs of a wooden spool rack.

Earring Displays
When I discovered the spool rack, I also built an earring display for earrings by attaching a piece of window screen on the back of a picture frame and hanging the earrings in the holes of the screen. While this provides an easy way to display a lot of earrings and it looks pretty nice, it’s not all that easy or quick to take the earrings off the display to look at them.

I wanted my earrings to have more of a professional look to them, so I made earring cards for all my earrings. Since I include rubber stoppers with all the earrings I sell that use ear wires that don’t close in any way, the stoppers help keep the earrings on the cards. I really like how they look on the cards. I created a template that fits 16 cards on an 8.5 X 11 size sheet of paper. I put my business name on the top, added a couple little periods to use as a guide for where I wanted to punch holes with a very small punch and printed these on card stock. I cut them apart with my paper cutter. (It really helps to do scrapbooking! I’ve got all the stuff to do this!)
I wanted to provide the template in a Word document that you can download and customize with your name, but I couldn’t find an easy way to do this with a Word document. I’m still pretty new to blogging and spent way too long trying to do this with no success. If you’d like my template, leave me a comment and I’ll email it to you.
I have some earring that are hoops or use leverback ear wires or other wires that close. For these, I altered my template to make each card shorter so that the earrings could close at the bottom of the card. I also have some earrings that are longer, so I made longer cards for those earrings.

I thought for days about how to display my earring cards. When I was at JoAnn’s, wandering aimlessly around the store, looking for some sort of display idea, I couldn’t believe I missed such an obvious solution. I was trying to figure out a way to hang the cards on something when I realized I can use a spool rack for yet another display. So I bought my second spool rack and stood the cards up on each row. The pegs held the cards in place. If you bumped into the rack, some of the cards would tilt forward, but all in all, this was a good method of displaying a lot of another type of jewelry in a relatively small space. Some of the earrings that were heavier at the bottom, such as the ones in the photo with the black lampwork beads, would not stand on the rack. Their weight pulled them over frontwards. But I had many earrings that stood just fine on the spool rack. And after I filled it up, I placed the rest around the rack on the table.

Necklace Displays
I found a couple different necklace display ideas on various web sites. I really like this one . However I think there is a typo in the size. I think it is more like 38 cm wide, not 28. Their dimensions would make it almost square, which it obviously is not. I did wrap my fabric around to the back. Perhaps some thicker fabric could be cut exactly the size as the cardboard and just glued to the front.

I cut out my cardboard and scored it before I glued on the fabric. I think it would have been much more difficult to score and crease after the fabric was glued on. For the first ones I made, I used Elmer’s glue and glued the fabric to the cardboard. I used velour-like and suede-like fabrics. The fabrics with more nap and texture looked much better than the thinner, smoother fabrics. That longer nap can hide a lot of glue problems! Later, I started using a glue stick and liked that better. That did not create the glue ridges that Elmer’s did and was better for thinner, plainer fabrics. Also, Elmer’s made the cardboard wetter, which made it curl. So I glued on the fabric, clipped the curves and trimmed the fabric at the points and turned the allowance around the edges to the back side of the cardboard. The Elmer’s did not hold the fabric down well, so I also taped it. After it was dry, I recreased along the score lines, but also glued another layer of cardboard along the bottom edges to reinforce. It stood up much better after the reinforcing. I punched holes in the sides and tied the sides together with ribbon in the back, as shown on the web site link.

Here's one of the finished products.

I also made some flat displays using this pattern. I didn’t use foam core. I just used a couple layers of cardboard. Here’s another site you might look at for ideas. I used these displays for my lighter weight necklaces. Here's a finished example.
If you've got any additional display ideas for jewelry, I love for you to share them in a comment!


  1. Thank you for the great ideas! I am just starting to sell jewelry and setting up an figuring out ho to diplay is a challenge.

  2. This post was really helpful. Thanks for the links to the templates. I agree about the scrapbooking! All those tools and papers come in handy =)

  3. Great ideas! I would love the earring card template - thank you so much!