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Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Mini Holiday Mart Open House

I have been a woman obsessed lately and haven’t taken much time for posting to my blog. But that should change now. I should have much more time to catch up on all the topics that are on my “future topics for blog” list. You see, my “mini holiday mart” open house is over now. I have done nothing but prepare for that for the last couple weeks. I held it today, it was a lot of fun and it was very successful!

I started thinking about trying a home party as an additional way of selling my jewelry. I went back and forth trying to decide if I wanted to do this or not. I didn’t want to invite friends over and have them feel obligated to buy something from me, so I decided to invite other friends who sell things to participate with me, too. In October the Junior League holds a huge Holiday Mart at a nearby convention center. I went this year, bought some Christmas gifts, a new all-weather coat, which I never expected to buy there but it was something I needed and the price was great, and had a fun time. So I decided to have my own (very) mini version of a holiday mart. It was an open house from 2-5 PM today with drinks, food and three other sellers. We all invited people we knew. I had no idea what to expect, but it was fun from a social aspect to see some friends I hadn’t seen in a while and to let people see my jewelry, too. And it gave some of my friends a chance to sell a few more items, also.

I asked some friends to participate but learned they no longer sell what they used to sell. But I have three friends who wanted to participate with me. Nancy sells Mary Kay cosmetics. See her Mary Kay site here. And Mary sells knitted scarves made from all kinds of pretty yarn. Jana also sells jewelry. She does a lot of soldered pendants (very pretty), along with other bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Oh, yes. My son Joe put out his baseball fundraiser grocery store coupon books. We sold one of those to our next door neighbor.

I’ll give more details and some suggestions for doing this yourself tomorrow. But I wanted to get my pictures posted today and get my blog a little more up to date right away. And then I want to get to bed before midnight for the first time in a long time! I had a lot of earrings and bracelets, but only a couple necklaces. I went to a couple local bead shows here recently with the intent of buying beads for necklaces. So I focused on making necklaces, usually well into the night, and had several more to add to my display. Once I get started making jewelry, it’s hard for me to stop. So I have been staying up much later than I should for the last couple weeks or so.

Now my party is over and I definitely want to do it again next year. Come back soon to read more details about my open house!

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I don't usually decorate for Christmas this early, but we decided since this was a holiday mart, we should have Christmas decorations. So I dug out some decorations that were stored on the top of my holiday storage bins. I must say, I was starting to get into the holiday spirit when I was decorating yesterday!
This is my jewelry display. My main display was on the game table in our basement rec room. I had my beaded ornaments displayed on a small Christmas tree and my earrings on the table with the red cloth at the left of the photo.
Here is Nancy's Mary Kay table. She has a great 4-foot table that is easy to fold up and carry around and covered it with this festive table cloth. The Longaberger basket with the holiday print liner was a great addition!
Mary's scarves were nice and light - just the thing to display on top of the covered pool table. And did she have some great yarns!
Last, but certainly not least, is Jana's display area of her lovely soldered jewelry. She had some great pendants, along with cute beaded angel earrings and other nice bracelets and necklaces.
Check in soon for more details about the open house, including the recipe for the great spiced cider that was a big hit!

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  1. Wish I had the room to host a "holiday mart." Sounds like it was a big hit... =)