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Friday, December 19, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking

Pretty much all my life I have had more crafts to do than time to do them. For this reason, I have tried to avoid starting new crafts as long as possible. When rubber stamping first became popular, I avoided it as long as possible. I didn't want to know anything about it because I didn't want to become interested and find a new craft to do. But eventually, the stamps won and I began making greeting cards. Which, of course, eventually led to scrapbooking.

Then I heard about digital scrapbooking. I thought that sounded kind of silly. Why would anyone want to do scrapbooking using a computer when you could play with paper and real embellishments and have a much more hands-on experience? But then I realized I could use it for my annual family calendar and have a much more exciting calendar than I've ever had before. Someone reviewed my blog on LinkReferral.com and said they thought for a blog about crafts, my blog design was pretty plain. I realized I had to agree with them. When I started seeing blogs with digital scrapbooking backgrounds, that became one of my blogger goals - to have a really crafty and creative background of my own. And having been in IT as long as I have, I still love finding things I like to play with on the computer. That's why I have fun with my blog and want to learn more HTML. (That's why my blog on Vox lasted about two days and I moved to Blogger - Vox won't let you write your own HTML, but it took me two days to discover that.) And that's why I think I could really get into digital scrapbooking.

So tonight I took the plunge. Since I have a day off work tomorrow, my husband is out of town and my son finished finals today and is spending the night with a friend, I spent hours tonight trying my first digital scrapbooking page. I printed this tutorial for beginners, downloaded the beginner kit, picked a few Thanksgiving photos to work with and created my very first page. I mainly just wanted to play with the basics and learn how to add embellishments. I would want a real page to be more balanced than this one, but it served its purpose. I knew how to do the few things I've needed to know to edit photos in Adobe Photoshop Elements for my etsy shop and for adding photos to my blog but that's about it. Tonight I learned a lot more about layers, but I still have a lot to learn about this powerful software. Here is my very first page! Then someday, on to my blog background!

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