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Friday, December 12, 2008

HeartScarves Knitted Red Scarf Project

I didn't go looking for another project to do and I certainly didn't need another project, but this one just kind of found me and I couldn't resist doing it.

A friend of mine showed me the red scarves she had knitted for HeartScarves. These scarves are donated to women who have heart disease. They must be primarily red and can be knitted or crocheted. See the web site for more information and to find out if there is a chapter near you or how to donate scarves.

My first knitted scarf - about 10 by 48 inches Since I found out about these scarves not long before Thanksgiving, I decided this would be a good project for me to do in the car while travelling to and from Oklahoma for Thanksgiving and in the motel room at night. I was a little over ambitious and bought four different kinds of yarn, two skeins each of most of them. But they were on sale at JoAnn's and Michael's and I will always be able to use yarn.

I started the first scarf above on that trip. I ended up making it a little wider than I would have liked, which took a lot longer to knit 33 stitches for each row. A narrower scarf would have been finished sooner. I just finished it a couple days ago. Once I got home, I never really had a lot of time for knitting.

Bernat Soft Boucle yarn used in first scarf I used Bernat Soft Boucle yarn for this first scarf. It's kind of nubby and interesting, but because of the nubbiness and little pieces of yarn sticking out all over, my 33-stitch rows somehow managed to grow to 35 stitches by the end of the scarf! I knitted every row and used one skein. This scarf ended up being about 10 inches wide and 48 inches long. Oh, I forgot to say I used size 10.5 needles.

My second scarf in progress Last night, I started my second scarf. This is Lion Brand Fancy Fur. I decided to make it much narrower. It turned out to be about 4.5 inches wide with 15 stitches in a row. Click to enlarge the photo and you'll get a better view of what the yarn looks like.

So if you're looking for something to do, or even if you're not, think about knitting or crocheting a red scarf. There are some very touching stories of the women who have received some of these scarves. Wouldn't you like to be able to help one more person add their story to this list?

HeartScarves is affiliated with WomenHeart, the National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease. Since education is one of their goals, take a look at their web site and learn more about heart disease.

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