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Sunday, December 7, 2008

More Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Click to see larger image Here are more of my handmade ornaments, some made by me, some made by others.

These first two are ones that my mom made. The one on the left is made from felt, beads and sequins. The gold one is a sea shell that she painted and decorated with glitter.

Click to see larger image These two were made by my friend Leona. The one on the left is a cute pine cone. The Grinch started with a wooden egg that she painted then added a Santa cap.

Click to see larger image These three ornaments are ones that Leona and I, along with another friend, Donna, made several years ago. We had a fun craft day where we got together, split up the tasks to make various ornaments and produced a lot of them before the day was over. I knitted the hats for our gingerbread men.

Click to see larger image This was my version of Leona's pine cone. I used a larger styrofoam form than she did.

Click to see larger image All the rest of the ornaments shown are ones that I made. Some were from patterns or craft books and some from kits. The sleigh was in a plastice canvas needlepoint book I have. I bought the beaded angel pattern. The wreath was a kit and the bird was in a book I came across quite some time ago.

Click to see larger image The Santa (a jingle bell all dressed up) and the beaded angel were kits. The gingerbread house was in the same book as the sleigh above. The tree is made of little spools with fabric strips glued around them for color. And the cute reindeer started with a light bulb.

Click to see larger image The reindeer on the left is a big jingle bell with legs and head attached. The reindeer on the right is made from felt. His legs are rolled up pieces of felt. The angel started with a doily. And the Golden Retriever puppy is counted cross stitch. I used to be active in our local Golden Retriever club and we sold these kits quite some time ago.

Click to see larger image
All of these are patterns that I found in books at one time or another.

Some of the ornaments I showed here were cousin gifts (back when I needed 35 of each cousin gift), like the the three ornaments to the left, the spool tree and the light bulb reindeer. Others were "pilot" versions of possible cousin gifts. I would make one or two, see how it went and determine if I wanted to make 35. The doily angel and the two reindeer in the same photo were pilot projects. I did NOT want to make 35 of those once I knew what it was like to make one!

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