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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Birthday Card and Earrings

Friday night was my most recent night that I once again stayed up way too late doing something new and fun. I've made greeting cards before, but I made a birthday card that was very different than any I'd done before. It was fun to do and I love the way it turned out.

This idea started when I was Christmas shopping. I have more than one teenage girl to shop for who is artsy and/or craftsy. I saw a book at JoAnn's that I liked and I considered it as a gift to give to one of these girls. I ended up finding other things to give as gifts, but I kept this book in the back of my mind for myself.

Klutz bookHave you seen the Klutz books? They are for kids (mostly) and there are all sorts of titles. We bought quite a few when my son was younger - Cat's Cradle string games, juggling, cooking...And there are all kinds of arts and crafts books, too. When I was shopping for my pink marabou recently, I had a JoAnn's 50% off coupon and decided to buy the book I saw before Christmas. I love it! Although perfect for tweens and teens, I don't think you could ever be too old for this book. It's all about designing fashions out of paper. It comes with three pages of stencils for skirts, tops, dresses, and accessories. You trace the stencils on any of the 20 pieces of paper that come with the book, both solids and prints. But there are different colors and prints on each side of the sheet of paper and each side has a minimum of two, and sometimes three different prints or colors on the sheet, so there are many combinations of colors and prints to pick from. There are also ribbons, rhinestones, sequins, and beads to use in embellishing your clothing and accessories. Also a little bottle of glue and 20 little hangers. There are many pages of great ideas and examples with very clear directions and suggestions. They tell you how to combine different skirts with different tops to make an endless combinations of outfits. What sold me on this book was the page that showed examples of using the cute clothes you make to decorate greeting cards and gift bags. I had to try it!

My birthday card - click to enlargeSo I stayed up way too late on Friday designing my first dress! I played with many combinations of paper, found just the right ribbon for the waist (from my own stash), chose my shoes and purse, cut them out, glued them together and added appropriate rhinestones. Oh, yes, and decorated my hanger. (They show some hanger decorating ideas, too.)

I finally went to bed and finished my card on Saturday morning by stamping "Happy Birthday" and embossing in silver and then putting the card together. All ready to mail for my friend's birthday.

Onyx earrings - click to enlargeThese are the earrings I made on Saturday - with my new handmade ear wires, of course - as part of her gift. She also gets a marabou wreath.

Donated earrings - click to enlargeMy son's 18U summer baseball team did a fundraiser this morning - an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast at Applebee's. The boys took orders, bussed tables, etc. and there were more people there than I ever imagined. Along with the breakfast, we had a silent auction. Since people were in the restaurant at different times, you turned in your bid and at the end, they compared all bids and gave the item to the highest bidder. You never knew what other people were bidding. I donated some jewelry to the auction. In the afternoon, I got a call from the moms who were determining the winning bidders. They told me the two top bidders on a pair of my earrings had equal bids. They asked if I'd be willing to donate a second pair of earrings like the first. Luckily, I take pictures of all my jewelry, so I knew exactly how I had made the first pair of earrings. So the second pair of earrings I made today was another pair for the auction. I have a pair of earrings listed on Etsy for $10 which are like the auction earrings. The two top bidders each bid $20 for my earrings, so I'm pleased to help make some money for the team. The moms didn't have the bids in front of them for my other jewelry (two other earring pairs and a necklace), but they told me they'd let me know what the high bids were. I'm anxious to hear!

After making my birthday card, I'm anxious to make time to make a bunch more to have on hand. And I can use scrapbook paper and even digital scrapbook paper to get an even larger assortment of paper "fabric" to use. If you like scrapbooking, card making or any crafts that work with paper, I'd highly recommend this book to you!

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