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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Christmas Gifts on the Walls

Not too long ago, I posted some photos of things I got for Christmas that were on my Etsy wish list. (See previous post.) Here's an update. My mat from Michael's was cut to the wrong size. They had to reorder it, but the good news is that reorders only take a couple days to turn around. (Are they used to dealing with reorders?) Anyway, it did come when promised and looked great! I framed my print and was ready to put all my gifts on my craft room walls.

Floral print on wall
A few days ago, my husband hung my gifts on my walls for me. (I don't like to do that unless it involves only one simple nail. I won't ever be blamed for messing up walls with this approach!) I put the floral print on my far wall, over my shelving. You can't see the true colors of the double mat very well in the photo, but the seafoam green inner mat looks terrific with the darker outer mat. (See HammelmanArt Etsy shop for more beautiful prints by Linda HammelmCloseup of floral printan.)
Golden print on wall

My framed golden is over my rocking chair. He's so cute - I just love him! (From Ron Krajewski's dogartstudio Etsy shop.)

Closeup of Golden print
Closeup of clock
And my non-Etsy craft room gift was this clock I found online and added to my Christmas wish list. I really needed a clock in my room, even though sometimes it's better not to be reminded that it is well after midnight when I don't want to stop working on my current project!

New clock on wallWhen I made my last two vintage ornament wreaths, I gave one as a Christmas gift and still had one left. I had in mind someone to give it to next year. I hung it on my wall and decided I needed to keep one for myself. Since I have more ornaments for more wreaths, I don't know if I will keep this one or another one, but I definitely have to have one of these wreaths for my wall.

Debbie Mumm Christmas quilt - click for larger view One other item we hung before Christmas is this Debbie Mumm quilt that I made several years ago. I never had a good place to hang it, but now it's hanging above my sewing machine. I bought a couple Debbie Mumm pattern books that have four of these quilts, one for each season. The winter quilt is the only one I made. My goal is to make the remaining three. I want to have Spring completed by March 1st. (Not that I've started it or anything...)

My room is coming along, as far as wall decor, but I still have a few more things in mind for it. What good is a craft room if you can't make crafts to go in it?!!

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  1. I love the choice of the deep blue mat on The Arrangement! It looks great!

    Linda Hammelman