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Monday, January 26, 2009

New Light Box and New Jewelry Photos

I've actually heard some people say they don't know what they'd do if they were to retire. Me...that would NEVER be a problem! I have more projects than I know what to do with! If I could retire from my full-time job I'd have tons of time for so many other things.

I decided that in 2009 I will improve the quality of the photos in my Etsy shop, PrizedPossessions. Some of my photos are not too bad, but others definitely need some help. I have been using a light box made by lining a cardboard box with white poster board and shining a light into it. That was OK, but plenty of room for improvement. Then I found two tutorials on Strobist.com (first one and second one) that showed how to make a very simple light box and how to use it. I found these tutorials on Timothy Adams' wonderful blog and decided this would be my project yesterday.

I did exactly what the first tutorial talked about. Took a box, cut rectangular holes in three sides and totally removed the fourth side. Then I taped white tissue paper over the three holes. Done with the box! Here are some photos.

Light box with black tile Light box with white poster board

Closeup of white poster board in light boxThe second tutorial talks about taking your photos on a black granite tile. I didn't have too good luck with that yet. I had trouble getting my inexpensive digital camera to focus. But the first photo shows what my setup looks like with the black tile in the box. The second photo shows a piece of white poster board in the box. (The hammer is just to hold it down!) I had much better luck with the poster board than the tile. The third photo is a closeup of the second.

When using the black tile, I experimented with leaning a black piece of cardboard against the back of the box and a white one. With both the tile and the poster board, I tried various combinations of having a side light off and on (depending on my subject, sometimes the light washed it out too much) and covering and uncovering my top piece of tissue paper with a piece of cardboard (my room has overhead flourescent lights and sometimes that was too much light coming in). I found that it really doesn't take too much light to light up the inside of the box. Oh, yes, I should say I take my photos with my camera flash turned off.

Here are some examples of my new photos. Like I said, plenty of room for improvement, but considering I've only been playing a little bit Sunday and Monday, I think I'm heading in the right direction. What do you think? I'd love to hear your comments.

Aqua Floral Bell EarringsSwarovski Rose Heart Pendant
Turquoise Leafy EarringsLike I said, I had a harder time with the black tile. I took many more photos on the black tile than on the white poster board, and these were the only ones I would dare show here. Most of them were badly out of focus. Gotta work on that!

Blue Agate EarringsPretty in Pink Earrings

Bracelet 4 to Honor MarilynPastel Posies Bracelet

I like the detail in the pink bracelet, but I have to lighten that one up some. I'm pretty pleased with the other ones. Guess now I have no excuse not to improve my photos on Etsy!

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  1. Oh I know what you mean about projects and retiring, I am blessed with having retired early. I am now so busy I cannot fit work (or housework) in LOL

    Great job with the light box, your pics are great!