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Thursday, January 1, 2009

What I did over my Christmas vacation

Here's an update on the list of things I wanted to do at the beginning of my six days off. These are the things I either completed or got started.

1. Go to the fitness center 3 times
2. Update my blog layout
3. Finish the 1000-piece Christmas jigsaw puzzle I started on Christmas Day
4. Wrap gifts for two local friends that I wasn't able to get together with before Christmas. I had lunch with one friend and we exchanged gifts. The other was out of town for Christmas and we still need to get together.
5. Clean up wrapping paper and ribbon mess in my craft room, which became Wrapping Central.
6. Hang the clock I got for Christmas in my craft room. I put batteries in my new clock and set the time. I'm going to wait to put it on the wall when my two pictures are ready to hang.
7. Frame and hang the prints I got for Christmas (from my Etsy wish list) in my craft room. My Golden picture is framed and ready to hang. I've ordered custom mats for the floral print. I'll hang both prints and the clock all at the same time.
8. Make earrings for a girl I work with to match the necklace I made for her
10. Install my new Family Tree Maker software I got for Christmas (I have a VERY old release of it - should have been keeping up with the new releases as they came out) Got software installed and my old files imported to the new pc. I'm very glad I didn't need to re-enter my 600+ family members! Started linking some census records to people in the tree...a new feature I didn't have in my old version.
11. List new items on Etsy that I've made but not yet listed. Listed this bracelet and this necklace. Renewed some other items whose listings had expired.
12. Start my scrapbook from our 2007 vacation (I have all the prints, scrapbook paper, album. My husband started having terrible back problems at the end of this vacation. A month later, he had back surgery. While he was recovering and I was doing much more around the house, I never had time to actually start the scrapbook, although right after vacation I had accumulated all the things I needed to get started.). Sorted all my photos, brochures, post cards, etc. Got all my scrapbook materials out (the paper I bought for this album, the album) other papers, embellishments, etc. And I even made the first page! I have a lot to go, but at least I got started!
16. And I still have more red yarn for scarves if there's time to do anything else in 6 days! (See HeartScarves post) Started knitting a scarf with a cable pattern in it that is in my Gooseberry Patch book 10.

Plus, I bought more vintage ornaments for more wreaths. And today we had lunch with one of my best friends I've known since first grade. She now lives in Chicago and I don't get to see her very often, but she was home to visit her family for the holidays.

It was a very nice time off. One day back at work tomorrow and then I'll have a weekend to keep working on all my projects! Think I'll go write a couple thank you notes now before I call it a day.

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