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Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all my blog readers and followers! I especially send my greetings to everyone who entered my Valentine's giveaway...you left so many great comments and ideas. Thank you so much for participating! Another giveaway will be coming in the future. If you'd like, please leave some ideas on what I should give away and how to enter. I really haven't decided yet and would love to hear your ideas.

Happy Valentine's Day
For anyone who has seen some of my more recent blog posts, you might know that I discovered digital scrapbooking not too long ago. I'm just getting into it and have been playing with putting various elements together. I have a way to go to easily make great layouts that I really like. I labor for a very long time to put things together and determine what looks good together and what doesn't. I wanted to make a digital valentine design that I could print on a card and mail to my friends. I spent days experimenting with various combinations of elements. The card above is what I mailed out to my Valentine's giveaway winners.

Valentine Greetings
The card above is the one I ended up mailing out to my friends. I personalized the little tag with each person's name.

The three designs below are my first three attempts. I like pieces of them, but they weren't quite what I wanted to mail out. I like some of the digital things I've seen that are loaded with embellishments, but I haven't quite mastered the art of putting a lot of things together. I had fun playing with putting these together, but I went back and forth regarding whether I liked any of these enough to mail them out.

Valentine design 3
Valentine design 2
valentine design 1

The cards above were made using combinations from various free kits that I downloaded. Pieces used came from these kits and these web sites:

- tish_lemonwhitepink kit from www.designsbykoko.com
- Valentine Heavendreams by http://www.blog.heavendreams.de
- Debbie by A-liya at a-liya.blogspot.com
- Loves Heart from http://angelflightscraps1.blogspot.com
- Cherry Icecream, From the Heart and Roses are Red from www.bluedreamdesigns.co.uk
- JGD Flower from jonigray.blogspot.com
- KKS Be Mine Valentine from Kerryskreations08.blogspot.com
- Valentine BC from beacreations.blogspot.com

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