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Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Red Scarves

My finished stack of scarvesWhat is this, you ask? It's the stack of three red scarves that I have FINALLY finished knitting! Quite some time ago, a friend had told me about HeartScarves, which gives a red scarf to women who have heart problems. My earlier post gives more information about this organization. At that time, I had one and a half scarves completed. I just finished my latest one yesterday.

My third scarf with a cable patternThis is the scarf I finished yesterday. I found the pattern in my latest Gooseberry Patch Christmas book and decided it would be fun to do. Well, it took a little longer to get it finished than I had hoped. The cable pattern was fun, but I kind of wish I'd just knitted a more plain scarf. This scarf has a different pattern along the long edges which causes it to curl under. I later noticed in the photos of people wearing this scarf in the Gooseberry Patch book that the edges were turned under. I wanted my scarf to be flatter, so I tried blocking it by putting a towel on my ironing board, laying out the scarf and pinning it down around the edges, then misting it with water and letting it dry. It looked nice when it was lying on the ironing board, but it still curls under when hanging.

My second scarfHere is the second scarf that was only half finished when I wrote my previous post.

My first red scarfAnd here is the first scarf I made.

I have them all boxed up and ready to take to the post office on Tuesday. I wanted to get these sent out before summer comes and no one will need a scarf! So at least they are finished and I still have more red yarn to get an earlier start on scarves for next winter!


  1. Your scarves turned out really nice, and what a great organization there going to! I always wished I was more crafty with yarn since there are so many pretty things you can make with it!

  2. Thanks, AmandaSue! There are some really pretty yarns available...I'm sure you'll find something you enjoy making with yarn!