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Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Saturday - Quilt and Jewelry Class

Hello again! I know I haven't written a new post to my blog in ages! I haven't had much to say or show. I decided to make a green marabou wreath for St. Patrick's Day using a smaller wreath size than my Valentine's wreaths, but I didn't buy enough marabou so I have 3/4 of a wreath. Not much to show in a blog.

A week or so ago, I decided to start my spring Debbie Mumm wall hanging, the spring version of the winter one at the end of this post. I worked on it a lot last night and today. The top is finished and I'm ready to put it together with the batting and backing. I didn't buy any backing fabric because I wanted to see how it looked when the top was done before I selected a backing fabric. But now I'm ready to find that fabric. I'll have my new spring wall hanging fairly soon.

My real excitement, however, has been the Beginning Jewelry Making class I'm taking at the nearby community college. I had been on the waiting list for it and found out a few days before the class started that I could get into it. I'll be learning metalworking and I can't wait! It started last Saturday but all we did was select our project and order our materials and tools.

Today we learned about all the tools, got a tour of the studio and learned how various tools and things worked. We watched a demo to learn how to saw metal and the instructor showed us how to start wrapping bezel around a stone. We barely started working on our projects (everyone chose whatever they wanted to do last week, so we're all doing something different) and then our class time was over. I'm going to make a pendant using a 12X16 mm denim lapis cabachon. Here's my stone.

I've done part of my homework. I straightened the end of my bezel (I didn't know what bezel is - it's the piece that's wrapped around the cabochon to hold it in), filed it, wrapped it around my stone, cut it (it comes in a long length all rolled up) and filed the other end. It's supposed to overlap just a little.

The rest of my homework is to cut from a piece of paper the exact shape I want the silver backing of my stone to be. The backing will be longer at the top of the stone and curl forward to form the loop of a pendant. Then the bezel will be soldered to this backing. I can't wait to see how it turns out! I'll show you my progress after next week's class.

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