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Friday, February 6, 2009

New Birthday Card and Earrings

Time to send off another birthday gift to a friend.

Latest birthday card I madeHere's the second card that I made using the fashion stencils in the book I bought. (More info on book in prior post. Click photo to enlarge the picture of the card.) I made this last night. That's polka-dotted paper inside the V-slit in the skirt and on the bag. If I had it to do over, I think the polka dots are a little large for the space they need to fill. Not enough dots show. Oh, well. Live and learn!

Birthday gift earringsAnd this gift gets a pair of earrings, too. I bought these beads at a bead show last fall and I didn't write down what type of stone they are. I hate it when I do that, because I have no idea what they are!

And, yep, this present will include my last marabou wreath, too. Today is my every-other-Friday off work, so I want to get this all wrapped up and to the post office today. I'd better go get to work!

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