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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentine's Giveaway Winners

Hello! Happy Sunday! The winners of my giveaway have been selected. I had 154 comments when it was time to choose the winners. I used a random number generator to pick two numbers from 1 to 154 and just went by the order in which the comments were posted, i.e. first comment got number 1, second comment got number 2, etc. The two numbers that were selected were 142 and 12.

142 is cathy2406. I have sent her an email asking for her mailing address.

12 is AmandaSue. Here is where it gets interesting. AmandaSue won a gift certificate in my last giveaway. (She's one lucky gal!) She left a nice comment and added that there was no need to enter her in the contest. Because she was so nice and not at all greedy and because she is so lucky, I've decided to send AmandaSue a pair of earrings.

I generated a third random number for the second pendant and it came up with 86.

86 belongs to llinda29. I have also sent Linda an email asking for her mailing address.

Remember, winners, I need to hear back from you by 6 PM central time Tuesday 2/10 with your mailing address. I really want to get these in the mail ASAP so, as I pointed out in my contest rules, if I don't hear back by that time, I will pick another winning number.

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway! You had so many great ideas of things to do for Valentine's Day...I really enjoyed reading them all and got some new ideas for myself. I'd say there are many, many lucky people out there who have friends in all of you!

I will be posting a valentine for all my blog readers, but especially all of you who entered my contest, within the next few days. I haven't decided exactly when it will happen yet. But please check back by Valentine's Day.

Meanwhile, I probably need to start thinking about my next giveaway...Any ideas? Seriously, I want to do something fun that everyone will enjoy entering and reading. What kind of comments would you like to leave to enter a contest?

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