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Sunday, March 22, 2009

My (Almost Finished) Class Pendant

Yesterday was my last jewelry class. Too bad I had to miss a week! The good news was that the class after ours did not meet so we were not chased out of the studio. The instructor stayed with three of us an extra 45 minutes to do more work on our pieces. She worked with me to do the things I had to get done in the studio so I could have a wearable pendant. Here's how it turned out.
Pendant - side view
Pendant - top view

The cabochon I used is denim lapis. I really like the color. The bezel got soldered down a tad crooked, but I'm hoping that won't be too noticeable. I did my filing on the piece and polished it before I put the stone in the bezel, but I had not filed it enough. The instructor suggested I could continue to sand, then use steel wool, on the piece, to clean up the sides and get the extra solder off at home. It would then have a matte finish rather than polished, but if I get the chance to take another class, I could polish it then. I have a piece of thicker sterling wire to make a necklace for the pendant that I did not begin to deal with in class, but she made some suggestions of how I could finish that at home and have that piece wearable, also.

This class was a lot of fun. I need to find a time to fit in another class because I really enjoyed it, but the one at the community college only meets on Saturday mornings. With my son's baseball season starting up (tomorrow!), I really don't want to sign up for any Saturday classes for a while. I did find out about one other metalworking class that meets during the week. I'll have to see if that one will work out or if I can find any additional classes to take. I definitely want to do another one!

Meanwhile, I'll need to finish up this pendant so I can start wearing it. That will inspire me to keep looking for a class that will fit better into my schedule!

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  1. The simplicity of the design makes a stunning piece.