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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Saturday's Jewelry Class

I haven't been too good at new posts lately, but it's time to catch up and report on my Saturday jewelry class. Boy, do I have a great respect for all the jewelry artists who make metal jewelry! It doesn't look like I accomplished much in my 3 hour class. But we do have to share one instructor among all in the class, so we end up spending some time waiting for her time.

Soldered bezelThis is a photo of my soldered bezel. (Click here for earlier post to see what it looked like when I went to class.) I filed it down more in class so it was just the right size and so that the edges came together very straight. We watched the instructor solder another student's bezel. Then when I was ready to have mine soldered, I wanted to try doing it myself. It went better than I expected. It's amazing what a couple very tiny pieces of solder can do! The instructor thought my seam turned out very well. So well that she called everyone else in class over to look at it! It's shown here after I filed the seam and the edges and got it so that the instructor thought I was done with the filing and sanding.

Bezel around cabochonHere's the bezel with my denim lapis cabochon sitting inside it. After the bezel gets soldered to the backing, the bezel will be bent over the stone.

Pattern on bezelThe colors didn't turn out too well in this photo, but here is the pattern for the back of my pendant glued to my silver. The shape outlined in the black marker is what I had done for last week's homework. The instructor had told me to make sure the top of the pendant is plenty long, but I didn't make it long enough. Saturday she pointed out that the silver will not bend as easily as the paper pattern that I had made, so I needed to allow extra length to bend the silver. I had never thought of that. That's why she's the instructor! So I extended my pattern to make it a little longer. I'm going to try to get this cut out, with my new saw that I got Saturday after class, here at home. I'm going to have to miss the next class, so I'll only have one class left. I need to get to class ready to try to finish the whole thing in 3 hours! I sure hope I can get it done!

Pendant drawingsHere is what my pendant is supposed to look like (hopefully!) when it's complete. The top of the silver will bend over and form an opening where it can be put on a chain. I'm very anxious to see how it turns out...and now I will have to wait an extra week to find out! Stay tuned...

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