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Monday, April 6, 2009

Knitting and New Easter Wreath

I am getting into these seasonal wreaths to hang in my craft room. I started thinking the St. Patrick's Day wreath was getting a little old and I needed an Easter wreath, but I wasn't quite sure what kind of wreath that would be. But a book I read recently led to a new craft project which led to my new Easter wreath!

I love to read murder mysteries. Before our trip to Colorado last month, I visited the library and found some new authors to try. I got a book called "Knit One, Kill Two" by Maggie Sefton. In it, our heroine got involved with a knitting shop, learned how to knit and saw a pretty sweater in the shop that she liked. She hoped that someday she would be able to knit that pretty sweater. I have been making my red scarves lately, but this book made me start thinking that I should look for a sweater pattern that I could knit. I looked for free patterns online - I had a sleeveless shell for summer in mind - and found some I liked. But they all talked about shaping the neckline and adding a new ball of yarn - things I thought sounded a bit advanced for me. I had also looked in the library for an appropriate book but didn't find anything I liked. So finally Friday (my day off) I went to JoAnn's to see what kind of knitting books or patterns I could find there. And I found this book.

My new knitting book
There are five beginner sweaters in this book, along with a "Challenge Sweater". They recommend you make one of the five before taking on the challenge. I decided on the cardigan on the left side of the cover. (The sweater on the right is the challenge sweater.) JoAnn's had the type of Lion Brand Yarn called for in the pattern, so I bought my book and my yarn and was all set to start knitting.

The back of my sweater
My son's high school baseball team was in a tournament Friday and Saturday. We had about an hour's drive, so I knit my sample to test my gauge in the car on the way to the tournament. We stayed in a nearby hotel Friday night so I had plenty of time to start my knitting without having to do laundry or any of those bothersome distractions that keep me from crafting at home. And the second game on Saturday started more than an hour late so there was plenty of time to sit in the nice warm car (it was quite chilly out!) in the sunshine and knit. And I knitted all the way home. (It was a good tournament, too - we were the tournament champions. Only six teams in the tournament, but first still beats last!) This is the back section of the sweater. I need to make it 24 inches long, so I have several more inches to go.

But back to the wreath...While at JoAnn's on Friday, I saw that all the Easter stuff was already 50% off. I briefly considered what I could do with maribou, but I wanted something different since my last two wreaths were maribou. So I decided on the 49-cent-a-bag Easter grass and a package of colored styrofoam eggs on a grapevine wreath.

Easter Wreath
I started gluing the grass on the wreath then realized it worked just as well to push some Easter grass into the grapevine wreath. I figured a little glue here and there wouldn't hurt, but it's really not very easy to glue the grass (which did not surprise me). Then I glued on the eggs and made a wire hanger for the back. Didn't take long at all. I imagine the wreath will lose grass over time and I'll need to poke it back into the wreath, but for the money and effort I put into this wreath (little of both), I can live with that.

So it turned out to be kind of a fun wreath, considering I had no idea what I wanted to do. You never know what you might come up with, just wandering around JoAnn's!

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