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Sunday, April 12, 2009

My New Metalworking Class

I've been to two of my new metalworking classes now and I LOVE this class! It's taught by Genevieve Flynn, a metalworker who has a studio in an artsy area within Kansas City. She has beautiful items displayed in her studio. It's fun just to look around. Check out Genevieve's work at her web site genevieveflynn.com and her Etsy shop.

Time to show you what I've been doing for the last two weeks. This is an eight week class, so I should have other fun things to show here in the future.

The first week, we made this cute little dish that we use to hold our solder pieces when we are soldering. This started as a flat piece of metal. We traced a circle template onto the metal, cut it out then used various dapping blocks to create the round shape. When it was all rounded, we then flattened the bottom so it could sit flat on a surface and we filed the edges smooth. Here is my finished dish.

Dish to hold solder
Dish to hold solder

We started our second project that first week - a ring. We learned how to measure to make a ring the correct size. We designed our ring and started cutting it out. Since I had my supplies from my first class, I was able to complete my cutting at home between classes. The things we learned in making this ring were how to cut shapes out of metal (drill a little hole in the middle of the design, insert the saw blade into the hole then finish inserting the blade into the saw) and how to do sweat soldering (soldering two flat surfaces together).

The second week, we soldered the pieces together and learned how to make a flat strip of metal into a round ring. Then we soldered the ends together to form the ring.

Here's my ring. This week we will make the ring round and then it will need to be polished. My hearts aren't the same size or shape. And I was hoping to place the silver strip more in the middle of the copper strip. But for my first attempt, I was pleased with how it turned out. And it even turned out to be the right size for the finger I measured!

Almost finished ring
Almost finished ring

Next project - a cabochon. Can't wait to start!

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  1. Mary Ann, what a wonderful surprise to have you speak about the studio and class that you are taking with me!!!! Thank you soooo much for the link and for the postings. Your information sounds great and I think your work is progressing wonderfully. I am glad to hear that you are so enthusiastic about the metalwork. It is great to have you in class!!!
    Genevieve Flynn
    Genevieve Flynn Studio
    1717 Oak Street, 2nd Floor
    Kansas City, MO 64108