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Sunday, April 26, 2009


Oh, my! It's been two weeks since my last post! I have no new pictures to post, but here's what's been going on with me. High school baseball season is going strong. (No rain last week so we got games in on three days. My son is a junior and hit his first home run of the year on Friday! Four days of baseball scheduled this week, but lots of rain forecasted.) That keeps me a little too busy for anything else. But no games scheduled on Wednesdays, which is why I signed up for my class.

I LOVE my Wednesday night metalworking class! My ring now is round, just needs to be polished. I have two bezels soldered for my cabochons, one for my second denim lapis cabochon (I got two of them the same size in my first class) that will be part of a bracelet and one for my rose quartz cabochon that I bought earlier this year at a local gem show. It will be a pendant. I have been filing both of them at home since I got the soldering done last Wednesday. And I went to another local gem show yesterday and bought more smaller cabochons that I would like to make into earrings. This class is so much fun! If you even think you might like to try metalworking, you really need to find a way to try it!

The other thing that has been taking up my time at home is knitting. I am working on the sweater that I told you about a couple posts ago. I have the back, two front sides and one sleeve completed. I'm working on my second sleeve. Then I can weave in all the yarn ends and assemble the sweater. Considering how much time I have to dedicate to knitting, this has really gone pretty quickly. I will definitely post a photo of my finished sweater! (I hope it's wearable!)

That's about it for now. Today I did some yardwork, which I hadn't really planned on doing. But the weather was pretty nice and I realized how badly I needed to weed some flower beds and landscaped areas outside. I have been ignoring them for way too long.

I promise I'll post some photos of SOMETHING soon! Hope you are having a happy spring!

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