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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Custom Soccer Bracelets

Last week, I received an inquiry about making 12 bracelets for a soccer team, a red and blue version of my Team Spirit Bracelet. After some communication back and forth, I learned that some of the moms were interested in bracelets, too. The order came through for 17 bracelets! I put them in the mail yesterday. Here is a picture of my finished order.

Custom soccer bracelets
These bracelets are adjustable to fit a wide range of wrist sizes. The knots used can be retied to make the bracelet larger or smaller. And the excess cord can be cut off if there is too much excess. This is a fun way for a team player to show off their team colors and their player number! And they were fun to make, too!


  1. how can i purchase your bracelets i need 22 of them

  2. Hi! Thanks for your inquiry! I tried to figure out how to send you an email or message using AOL Lifestream, but that was not obvious, so I hope you see this comment. You can send me an email at PrizedPossessions@kc.rr.com. Please tell me what one or two colors you want on the bracelets (the colors are listed on my Etsy Team Spirit Bracelet listing - click link in blog post) and provide me with a list of player numbers. Are you in a big hurry for these? I am going to need to purchase some additional materials to make 22 bracelets. You can also set up an Etsy account and send me a "convo" as an alternate way to communicate with me. Thanks again!