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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Last Jewelry Class

Last Wednesday was supposed to be my last jewelry class, but because my son’s high school baseball team made it to the championship game of the district playoffs on Wednesday (lost pretty badly but we set a school record for number of wins – 16 – this year) and because his Memorial weekend tournament was cancelled that his summer team was going to play in, I did my last class on Saturday. This was good because instead of my regular 2.5 hour class, I was able to work in the studio from 10 – 3 and got a lot more accomplished than I would have on Wednesday. (See what my projects looked like a week ago here.)

This is the pendant I made in my first class I took at the community college. There were a couple places on the sides of the pendant that needed more polishing, so I got that done.Denim lapis pendant

I made the bail and attached it to this turquoise pendant. I still need to push the bezel down a little more to make sure the stone is firmly attached. But that’s all that’s left.
Turquoise pendant

I was hoping to finish this pendant with the dichroic cabochon, but when I was polishing it, the stone came out of the setting. I need to push the bezel down on this one a lot more, then I will have another round of polishing that this one will need.Dichroic pendant

And here is my M pendant. I got a lot of the polishing done on this, but it still needs more. Then I will need to drill a larger hole in it. I need to be very careful on this one because one edge is starting to get rather thin. M pendant

Since my class is over, I’ll need to figure out how to get these finished. I have some other projects that are not quite as far along, also, like my two pairs of earrings, the rose quartz and the tiger’s eye. I’m able to schedule additional studio time with my instructor. But what I really want to do is make some progress on planning my Mother’s Day gift from my husband. He’s giving me a soldering torch and the ventilation that needs to go along with it. Now I just need to figure out what I really want/need and get it all planned. And I’ll probably look into what I can buy out of my Prized Possessions business funds to take care of polishing. So I have some work ahead of me to figure out how to put this all together, but it would sure be fun to have some of my own equipment to do this at home!

P.S. Happy Anniversay to me! I opened my Prized Possessions Etsy shop one year ago today!

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