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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday Metalworking Class

A couple weeks ago, my metalworking instructor wasn’t able to meet for class, so I made up the class yesterday. I got LOTS of soldering done and had a wonderful time! Here’s a pendant I cut out at home on Friday and soldered on Saturday. The top piece is copper and the bottom silver. I still need to drill a hole at the top for a jump ring and polish it.

I only have one class left so hopefully I can get this polished in class.

I soldered all these bezels in class. I sawed off some of the excess backing last night. Hopefully I can get a lot done on them during my last class.

The rose quartz on the left and the tiger's eye on the bottom are planned to be earrings. Unfortunately, I got the second bezel for the tiger's eye too hot and melted it. At least I learned that lesson on my smallest bezel and not the large one!

I love this class! I’m hoping I can do a lot more metalworking in the future. My Mother’s Day gift from my husband was the promise of a soldering torch and vent (yet to be chosen or even determined where to put it!). I would love to be able to work on these projects anytime I wanted to and not just once a week during class. I started talking to Gennie, my instructor, about how to set up what I need at home on Saturday. I would LOVE to be able to do this at home, so it’s a high priority of mine to keep researching what I need and how to get it set up. Stay tuned…

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