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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Update on my Jewelry Class

Well, finally I have an update on all my jewelry class projects.

Polished pendant from first class Remember the denim lapis pendant that I didn't quite get finished when the first class I took ended? (Here's the original post about this pendant.) I spent my entire class time last Wednesday polishing. My first class pendant was one of the items I polished. There are still a couple spots I need to go over again, but it looks much better than when I last posted its photo!

Polished ringAnd here's my polished ring! Looks much better...and it's even round now. (Here's the previous post.)

Rose quartz cab and bezelThe third item that I worked on polishing is the bezel I made for this rose quartz cabochon. I need to cut out a "V" shape at the top and then I will bend it over to make the loop that slips onto a silver chain or wire necklace.

Denim lapis and bezelWhen I bought my denim lapis for my first class, they were sold as a pair. I haven't polished it yet, but I made this bezel for the second denim lapis cabochon. I want to make a wire bracelet for this stone.

Rose quartz and tiger's eye cabs and bezelsThere was a gem and mineral show in town last weekend, so of course I had to go. I bought some new smaller cabochons that I want to use for earrings. I cut the bezel for these first two pairs (rose quartz and tiger's eye). I need to make sure the bezels are the right length and then I'll be ready to solder them.

My new cabochonsAnd this weekend there was a bead show in town. I bought these great cabochons...can you tell I'm kind of into the cabs right now?
Dichroic cabochonAnd I found this pretty dichroic cab that I'd like to try. So stay tuned for more updates on all these projects!

And other updates that will be coming soon...I finished knitting all the pieces of my sweater. Just need to weave in all the loose ends then put the pieces together. And I'm almost finished quilting my Debbie Mumm spring wall hanging. I was hoping to have it finished by now (well, long ago, actually). I was going to work on it a lot this last Friday (my day off) and Saturday, but I came down with a cold or something and after sitting through my son's two baseball games Saturday (we won them both!), I was really tired and didn't feel like doing much of anything. But I made a lot of progress tonight. It's close.

The frequency of my blog posts kind of slipped there for a while, but I'm ready to change that. Hopefully, I'll keep them coming much more often now! Stay tuned...

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