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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Was Featured on Cuteable.com

Yesterday, one of my credit card bracelets was featured on Cuteable.com. This is a fun site that shows all sorts of cute items. Please take a look at the site. If you're into fun, crafty items, this is for you. Lynsey, half of the husband and wife team who run Cuteable, has a very nice blog, also - Swirlyarts. Not to mention her Etsy shop. Check them all out!

Thank you, Lynsey, for featuring my bracelet! And also for introducing me to Cuteable.com!

Friday, June 19, 2009

New Starfish Pendants

Hello, again! I finally made my remaining Swarovski starfish pendants today. I'll be listing them very soon in my Etsy shop. I had already made the pretty bluish colored one (Indicolite shade). Today I made the crystal AB, Golden Shadow and Silk ones, shown from left to right at the top of the photo.

New Swarovski Starfish Pendants

I really try to create new posts often, but it's hard for me during the summer with my son's baseball schedule. He plays on a travel team. I spent the first half of this week in Omaha for a tournament. Joe's team went to a college world series game Monday afternoon, but my husband and I went to lunch in the Old Market area then checked out some of the galleries and shops instead of going to the college game. (We went to two or three games last year - lots of fun!) The Old Market is a fun area in Omaha to explore. We found a great flea market and antique shop there, too, and I came home with several finds. You never know what you'll find in a flea market type of shop!

This flea market was very well organized. Lots of similar types of items arranged together. I found the Christmas area and hadn't even thought about looking for vintage ornaments for my wreaths. I found some boxes of ornaments at great prices, so of course I had to snatch those up so I can make more wreaths for gifts this year.

I'm always looking for more jewelry display ideas and I saw this great photo holder with lots of loopy wire that would be great for holding earrings. This doesn't look old, but I couldn't resist. At $15, it will hold a lot of earrings at my next jewelry open house.Photo holder earring display

When my new craft room was finished a little over a year ago, I found a bunch of cute little bottles that I use for storing beads. Bead storage in old bottles
Ever since then, I've been interested in small old bottles. I found an old milk bottle on Tuesday at this market and couldn't resist adding it to my collection. Old milk bottle
On the bottle, it says "A bottle of milk is a bottle of health". You just don't see sayings like that any more!A bottle of milk is a bottle of health

And my husband was actually the inspiration for this last purchase. There were baskets of old chandelier crystals, sorted by size. He saw them first and wondered if I could use them as pendants in jewelry. While I thought that was a great idea, I started with six of the smaller ones to try first in a bracelet. So that will be an upcoming project - my chandelier crystal bracelet. Watch for it someday...can't promise when. Chandelier crystals

So the shopping and exploring Old Market was a lot of fun, but I enjoyed Joe's baseball, too. Our team won our first three games to be one of the top four teams competing for the chamionship. We won our next game and moved on to the championship game. This championship game was a very high scoring game. Our team got off to a pretty bad start. We were trailing by 12 runs at one time, but we came back and only lost by two runs, 16-14, for second place. Here's a photo of our team. (Click to enlarge.) My son Joe is the fourth red shirt from the right in the back row, the one with little hair. (He keeps it really short in the summer.) I'm biased, but I think they're a really good team!
Natural Baseball 18U team - 2nd place at Omaha tournament

Friday, June 12, 2009

New! Swarovski Starfish Pendant

A few days ago, I ordered some new Swarovski crystals that caught my eye. They're perfect for summer - starfish! Tonight I made my first pendant and listed it in my Etsy shop.

Swarovski Starfish Pendant

This Swarovski shade is called indicolite. It's a very pretty aqua color. The color reminds me of the Caribbean Sea, which I haven't visited in a very long time. The shape and the color definitely make me feel like I should be at the beach!

Check out my listing on Etsy for more photos of my new pendant!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My New Necklace

I make and (try to) sell jewelry, but I hardly ever make any for myself anymore. (At least not the beaded jewelry. The metalworking is a different story. That's all about me so far. :-)) The last time I went to a bead show in May, I bought some beads for myself to make a necklace and earrings. Tonight I finally got around to making a necklace with my beads. Whenever I see Bella Venetian Beads at a show, I know it's trouble. I LOVE their beads! Check them out on their web site here.

Turquoise/aqua is one of my favorite colors. I bought five of these beads at the show.
Bella Venetian bead

And here's the necklace I made.
New necklace

I think tomorrow will be one of those days where I pick my clothes to wear to go with the jewelry I want to wear! Maybe tomorrow night I can make the earrings. Didn't have time to work on those tonight. But at least I have a new necklace! And I also have some black beads I bought from Bella Venetian quite some time ago. Those are for me, too! Maybe I'll be on a roll and have some new black jewelry soon, too.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


My basil has been growing and growing! Pretty soon it will be taking over my kitchen, as it has the last couple years. It's getting a little leggy and probably past time to transplant. This evening, I started transplanting my little basil plants to their own containers. I didn't get too far along yet, but I have transplanted 12 plants. Hopefully, I'll be able to do more tomorrow.

I just love using fresh basil! One of our favorite side dishes is a salad of sliced tomatoes topped with a slice of fresh mozzarella. Cut slivers of fresh basil to sprinkle on top, then pour some balsamic vinaigrette over the top. It's best if it can sit for 10 or 15 minutes before eating to let the balsamic vinaigrette soak in. Yum!

Basil before transplantingHere are all my little plants before transplanting. They've grown a lot since this previous photo. There are also fewer plants. Whenever my mom, my basil and I are in the same place, I give 3 or 4 plants to her.

Transplanted basilAnd here are my dozen plants after transplanting. Do you think they have any idea they will eventually be eaten?

Friday, June 5, 2009


No, I haven't disappeared. Summer baseball season has started. Baseball takes up quite a bit of my time in the summer and I'm going to have to make a much better effort to keep up with my posts. My son, Joe, will be a senior in high school next year. He plays on a competitive travel baseball team and the season got started last weekend. This post digresses a bit from my craft theme, but I thought I'd show some pictures of why I haven't been posting much lately.

Last Thursday (5/28) we left for Memphis, which is about an 8-hour drive from Kansas City. We went through St. Louis to drive past a few colleges on the way to and in St. Louis, then headed south to Memphis. Our first baseball game wasn't until 8:30 Friday night. The boys had to be there earlier to practice and watch the 16U team play. (Joe is on an 18U team. The baseball academy that sponsors and coaches his team also has a 16U team.) So my husband and I had all day to be tourists in Memphis, as well as quite a bit of free time on Saturday. We'd never been to Memphis before and were nicely surprised that there was so much to do. But being the home of rock and roll and the blues, I guess that's not surprising. I thought I'd show you some photos of things we saw in Memphis.

Elvis statueOur first stop was the tourist info place on the Mississippi River. Elvis greeted us at the door. Who says Elvis is dead!

Beale StreetBeale Street is where the blues got started. In about two blocks of the street there are many blues clubs and restaurants. Here is a picture of Beale Street. (Click to enlarge.)

Beale StreetKansas City has great bar-b-q. We heard that the bar-b-q in Memphis was different, but good, so we had to try it. We had lunch at the Blues City Cafe, which is at the left of this picture. We split some Cajun BBQ shrimp and a slab of ribs. They were very good! And although I don't eat desserts very often, I couldn't pass up the apple dumpling with vanilla ice cream. The dumpling was heated in a little cast iron skillet and was wonderful!

Pink CadillacWhen I was very little, my mom and dad had a pink Cadillac. I don't remember it but I remember pictures of it. I had to take a picture of this car in the back room of the Blues City Cafe.

Love Peace and Chicken GreaseThere were many interesting places along Beale Street. I had to take a picture of this sign.

After lunch, we went through the Rock and Soul Museum, which is part of the Smithsonian. It was very interesting. Then we rode a streetcar back to where we parked our car.

Bridge over the MississippiThe big bridge in the background is the bridge which crosses the Mississippi into Arkansas. The bridge in the front is the pedestrian bridge to Mud Island, which also has a monorail underneath.

Mississippi River replica on Mud IslandSaturday we visited Mud Island, which has a Mississippi River Museum and this half mile replica of the river, complete with maps of the cities along the river.

After a couple games on Saturday and one on Sunday, we headed home Sunday evening. For the first time the team has played together this year, they did very well, winning 3 of 4 games. And it was nice of the coach to pick a place to go which had entertainment while we weren't playing!