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Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween Window Silhouette

Life just keeps on being busy! We've been taking care of senior portraits for my high school senior, I created a senior ad for the yearbook, I spent two evenings this last weekend with classmates at my high school reunion, the last fall baseball games of the season on Sunday, today is my husband's birthday...and I thought the blog posts would pick up in pace! Oh, well...I do have an update today.

Here are some pictures of the window decorations I made for Halloween. It started with this link to Martha Stewart silhouette curtains. I almost did the hanging body, but wanted something that would be more appropriate for little kids to see while trick-or-treating. I found a silhouette of a grim reaper going after someone and drew a picture from that.

I have two windows upstairs that are side-by-side. Each measures 22" wide by 50" high. I went to JoAnn's and looked for the least expensive fabric I could find. I bought bleached muslin for a couple dollars a yard. I also found some sheer white fabric on the Halloween sale rack for a couple dollars a yard or less. And then I followed the easy directions on the Martha Stewart web site. I added a couple inches to make a sleeve for a curtain rod and cut out my fabric. I first drew a small picture of my silhouette, then copied it to white craft paper using that grid method of enlarging. Once I got the actual size silhouette on the craft paper, I cut it out, then traced around the design on my fabric. I bought a quart of black paint at Home Depot then painted inside the lines with the black paint. I hung the fabric panels up to dry overnight.

Here are photos of my painted panels. Grim Reaper silhouette
Reaper's victim

Next I cut out my sheer panels the same size as the painted panels. I layered the sheer fabric over the painted design, turned under both layers two inches and sewed to make a pocket for a curtain rod. Since this will hang in a window and no one will see the edges outside, I didn't have to worry about any hems or finishing raw edges. Since my windows are only 22' wide, the first spring tension rods I found at Lowe's were too long. I later found some the right size at both K Mart and Hancock Fabrics, under $3 each.

Here are photos of the painted panels covered with the sheer fabric. The sheer fabric adds a more shadowy look to the silhouette.
Reaper with sheer fabricVictim with sheer fabric

And here are my finished products in my upstairs windows. It was hard to get a very good picture of these at night (they don't look like much during the day - you can barely see them), but hopefully you will get the idea of what they look like. I have another pair of upstairs windows. If I can come up with another good design I like, I will try to make another pair before Halloween.

Windows with silhouette curtains

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween Floral Arrangement

Halloween floral arrangement
Oh, my! Too much overtime at work has taken a toll on my blogging! I thought I would have more time when summer baseball season ended, but I guess I was wrong. I'm going to have to make a real effort to change that!

I've temporarily put my quilt on hold so I can complete some Halloween projects. I listed some of my favorite Halloween links not too long ago and hopefully I will be showing other of my completed Halloween projects soon. Meanwhile, here is my first one - my Halloween floral arrangement.

I bought three floral stems of roses at Michael's. It's hard to see in the photo, but one of them is black and glittery, while the other two are plain black roses. I bought this little glass container at Michael's, too. I cut down a block of green floral foam to be somewhat smaller than the container, covered it with some spaghnum moss I had in my closet, back from when I used to do more floral arranging. I cut some green floral wire, bent it into U shapes and used those to keep the moss in place around the four sides of the foam. Then I put the moss-covered foam into the container. I cut down the floral stems to the right length since they were longer than I wanted. I poked them into the floral foam and bent the individual stems into an arrangement that I liked. I had some of that spider web stuff that I put on top of the foam and arranged to hang over the sides and also put some over the flowers themselves. I read somewhere online that this stuff looks better when you take the time to spread it out rather thinly - looks more realistic. I did that on the flowers, but I think I will problably go back and thin out the webs at the top of the container some.

This was quick to make and was kind of fun. A perfectly ghoulish arrangement for Halloween!