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Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween Window Silhouette

Life just keeps on being busy! We've been taking care of senior portraits for my high school senior, I created a senior ad for the yearbook, I spent two evenings this last weekend with classmates at my high school reunion, the last fall baseball games of the season on Sunday, today is my husband's birthday...and I thought the blog posts would pick up in pace! Oh, well...I do have an update today.

Here are some pictures of the window decorations I made for Halloween. It started with this link to Martha Stewart silhouette curtains. I almost did the hanging body, but wanted something that would be more appropriate for little kids to see while trick-or-treating. I found a silhouette of a grim reaper going after someone and drew a picture from that.

I have two windows upstairs that are side-by-side. Each measures 22" wide by 50" high. I went to JoAnn's and looked for the least expensive fabric I could find. I bought bleached muslin for a couple dollars a yard. I also found some sheer white fabric on the Halloween sale rack for a couple dollars a yard or less. And then I followed the easy directions on the Martha Stewart web site. I added a couple inches to make a sleeve for a curtain rod and cut out my fabric. I first drew a small picture of my silhouette, then copied it to white craft paper using that grid method of enlarging. Once I got the actual size silhouette on the craft paper, I cut it out, then traced around the design on my fabric. I bought a quart of black paint at Home Depot then painted inside the lines with the black paint. I hung the fabric panels up to dry overnight.

Here are photos of my painted panels. Grim Reaper silhouette
Reaper's victim

Next I cut out my sheer panels the same size as the painted panels. I layered the sheer fabric over the painted design, turned under both layers two inches and sewed to make a pocket for a curtain rod. Since this will hang in a window and no one will see the edges outside, I didn't have to worry about any hems or finishing raw edges. Since my windows are only 22' wide, the first spring tension rods I found at Lowe's were too long. I later found some the right size at both K Mart and Hancock Fabrics, under $3 each.

Here are photos of the painted panels covered with the sheer fabric. The sheer fabric adds a more shadowy look to the silhouette.
Reaper with sheer fabricVictim with sheer fabric

And here are my finished products in my upstairs windows. It was hard to get a very good picture of these at night (they don't look like much during the day - you can barely see them), but hopefully you will get the idea of what they look like. I have another pair of upstairs windows. If I can come up with another good design I like, I will try to make another pair before Halloween.

Windows with silhouette curtains

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  1. Looking to do something similar myself. Very cool.