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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Estate Sale Finds

Merry Christmas, a little late! I hope everyone had a very happy Christmas and got to spend time with family and friends. I did and I enjoyed every minute of it!

I haven't been a very good blogger lately. Too much overtime at work caused me to extend my cookie baking and gift wrapping to the last minute. I took Christmas Eve off from work, and just haven't had or made the time to post much to my blog lately. But here's a post concerning my latest interest.

I've made eight vintage ornament wreaths now and have ornaments for more. I've had a great time looking for ornaments, at flea markets and estate sales. While looking at these sales, I have really taken an interest in some of the vintage items I have seen. Here are a few of my recent finds.

I've started looking at Craigslist a lot lately and found a cool free application for my Android phone that will alert me when certain types of items are listed, such as vintage Christmas ornaments. I've also started looking for estate sales. I went to one sale in early December because it said they had a lot of beads. Well, I had to go to that one, didn't I? As it turned out, they were wooden beads, which don't interest me, but I found some other items that I ended up buying. One of them was this cute wooden cabinet for ten dollars. My husband hung it on my craft room wall today for me. Someday I might paint it, but it's in great shape as it is. Cabinet with heart cutout on door - now in my craft room
I also got these two cute snowmen at this same sale, made from fence posts. Both of these were only one dollar! The eye of one of them had come off. They had the button eye to give to me. All I had to do was use my glue gun to put it back on. I offered to pay more for these, but they only wanted a dollar. I have them in the basement next to my fireplace. I think they are quite cute!
Fence post snowmen

A long time ago, I made some cute Christmas counted cross stitch designs and thought they would look cute in little frames. Well, that was years ago and they have never been framed yet! I found a bag of little metal frames for a dollar. I'm hoping some of my cross stitch will fit in these. Metal frames

I've always been fascinated by cigar boxes, just because they don't make them any more. I remember covering cigar boxes with contact paper in grade school to hold pencils and things. When I found this one at the same sale, I couldn't resist. I'll find something to store in it in my craft room.Cigar box
These cute little Avon bottles also found their way home with me.
Avon bottles
I found this broken bracelet at an estate sale very close to my house. Since I like to make pink bracelets and donate a portion of the proceeds to Susan G. Komen, my plans for this bracelet are to take it apart and use the pieces in other bracelets.Broken breast cancer awareness bracelet
And my last item to show you tonight is this washboard I got for five dollars when I bought my trunkful of ornaments a few weeks ago from the lady who was closing her shop. My plans for this are to string wire across the front and use it as an earring display. I just love finding things to turn into jewelry displays!Washboard
Unfortunately, I've gotten kind of hooked on estate sales. I've enjoyed giving a second life to old ornaments that I have been using in my wreaths, and I'm now seeing so many other items at these sales that can also get a new life. I've been thinking about trying to sell my wreaths, either locally or on Etsy, and those thoughts have been spreading a little wider than just wreaths lately. Who knows what I'll end up doing with some of this stuff!

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