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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Estate Sales - I'm Hooked!

Well, I’m hooked. I love going to estate sales. Last night I scoured Craigslist to see what sales sounded interesting today. I went to two estate sales and a basement sale of a lady who used to have a vintage shop. I saw photos of vintage ornaments in her ad. I was afraid they might be gone. Yep…they sold on Thursday. But I found lots of other items that caught my interest.

I realized after I got them home that a high percentage of the items I bought had three legs. Here are two little boxes (I seem to be attracted to those) and a vase, which is in perfect condition.The boxes are identical in shape and size, but I got them at two different sales.Three-legged estate sale finds
A bigger tin box and a couple dishes.Dishes and a box
And other miscellaneous items – a 1941 union button, an old Santa in a chimney ornament, a working music box, little cup from Italy and a cute little swan.
Miscellaneous estate sale finds
I also found a couple vintage cookbooks. I’ll be listing all these things on my vintage Etsy site, Prized Possessions Take 2, soon.

My best find is something I plan to keep, assuming I can find a place to put it. My craft room is pretty full, so I’m not sure where it might go yet. For $10, I got this table made from the base of an old Singer treadle sewing machine. It’s very dusty and dirty so it’s sitting in the storage area of my basement until I can clean it. And I’d probably like to put a different table top on it eventually. But it was a fun find!
Treadle sewing machine tableTreadle close-up
Now if only I’d hear back from the guy I contacted on Craigslist who was giving away, as he described them, thousands of dollars of artificial flowers! His ex-wife doesn’t have room for them and he doesn’t want them, so he was giving them away. I doubt he still has them now, but I guess you never know. Maybe I'll still hear from him...

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