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Monday, January 18, 2010

Floral Arrangements

Last weekend, I made a trip to JoAnn’s to look for artificial flowers to use in some of my thrift store and estate sale finds. Yesterday I finally found the time to start working on my floral arrangements. These will be listed in my new floral section of my Take 2 Etsy shop. Three floral arrangments
I found this cute sugar bowl, minus a lid, at the Goodwill store. That was fine…I didn’t need a lid anyway. These pinky-purple ranunculas were just the right size. It’s kind of hard to see in photos, but along the top of the sugar bowl and on the handles, it is tinted a very light pink. The color of the flowers brings out that pink a little more and the pink tint ties the flower color into the arrangement nicely.Sugar bowl with ranunculas
I found this cute little pitcher at another thrift store. It was pretty cute on its own, but I like the roses arrangement even better. Roses in pitcher
And I found this vase at an estate sale just a few blocks from my house. The purple wisteria were a nice size and shape for this vase.
Wisteria arrangement

Today was a work holiday for me and my son was out of school so we went out to lunch with my mom. I can’t remember the last time the three of us were able to do that. It’s usually any two out of three of us who are available at the same time. Over lunch, I was telling my mom about my new floral arrangements and she told me she had a big bag of artificial flowers for which she was trying to find a home. Unfortunately, one of her neighbors passed away a few months ago. The husband gave my mom this woman’s artificial flowers. So my mom gave them to me when we took her home after lunch. I had no idea how old these flowers would be. There were a number of plastic flowers, which I will now need to find a home for, but the majority of flowers were nice silk flowers. If I had gotten these sooner, I wouldn’t have had to look for so much at JoAnn’s! I saw some roses that would have been great in my rose pitcher. Artificial flowers
This is the start of my upcycled/vintage makeover items. Look for them soon in my Prized Possessions Take 2 Etsy shop!

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