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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tee Shirt Quilts

Last summer/fall I started working on my baseball tee shirt quilt. (See my last quilt post here.) I got the top pieced; the top, backing and batting pinned together; and started machine quilting it all. Then the holidays came along and I didn't have much in the way of spare time. I have not yet gotten back to quilting it, but after yesterday, I'm ready to get back to work.

Yesterday a couple moms from the summer baseball team came to my house, equipped with tee shirts, interfacing and other appropriate items to begin working on their quilts. One of them had interfaced her shirts and cut them into squares. The other hadn't had a lot of time to get started at home with her business travel and plenty of other things to keep her busy, but she had rounded up 30 tee shirts. She bought her interfacing and came over ready to get started.

I really think the hardest part of any quilt is the planning. Determining how to arrange all the pieces is the hardest part. After that, it's just one small step at a time until the quilt is finished. But now both of my baseball mom friends have their layout planned, written down on paper so they don't have to remember it in the future and have taken the first steps to get started.

Melanie needs to get one more shirt. She had 11 interfaced squares. I helped her square them all up with my handy rotary cutter and she started sewing together her rows. She made great progress and it's starting to look like a quilt! Here's a picture of her progress. The bottom three rows are sewn together. Melanie's quilt
Jennifer got her 30 shirts all laid out on the floor in an order she liked. We cut the shirts apart, cut her interfacing into pieces larger than her finished square size and went through how to apply the interfacing to a shirt. Now she has plenty to do at home until we get back together again for the next steps. Here is a picture of the layout of Jennifer's shirts. It's not terribly well focused but it was the only one I took. But at least you can get the idea of what her quilt will look like.
Jennifer's quilt layout
So now I'm ready to get back to my quilt and try to get it finished. My get together yesterday put me back in quilting mode and gave me the incentive I need to make time to get this finished.

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