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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Charms, Wreath and Locket

I really wanted to keep up with my blog posts much better in 2010, but I'm working so much overtime that I just don't have the time. I was going to do so much more with my Etsy shops, but that's just not happening. But, last weekend, I made my first soldered charms at home after taking my class in January. Hopefully, I will get them into my Etsy shop soon. But until then, here's a picture of what I made last week. It was fun!My first soldered charms

Even though I was working on and off over the weekend from home, I did do some fun things. I had another session at my house Saturday morning continuing work with one of my baseball mom friends on her tee shirt quilt. And today I made a green marabou St. Patrick's Day wreath and got it listed on Etsy. I like this wreath better than the one I made for myself last year. St. Patrick's Day wreath

I came home from work on Thursday after working 12 hours, not in a very good mood, and my husband handed me a package that came in the mail. I had been so busy I had forgotten all about the giveaway that I won. My locket came from the Gleeful Peacock. Thanks, Nikki, I love my necklace! I need to figure out how to put some small photos in it soon. That really made my day!Locket - closed
Locket - open

Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's been a lucky week!

I had a great time in Tucson and the few days I was gone went much too fast. But then some things happened to me that made being back not so bad after all.

At one of the bead shows Saturday, Carolyn and I entered a raffle being held as a fund raiser for a charity. There were 30 or 40 bead artists who had donated lovely beads as raffle prizes. There was a separate drawing for each prize. I bought three tickets for $5, putting two tickets on a lovely large lampwork bead that looked like the Caribbean Sea, and one ticket on a set of three pretty heart shaped beads. The drawing was to be held on Sunday. When neither Carolyn nor I got a call on Sunday, we were commenting on how we guessed we didn't win a raffle prize.

When I was in the Kansas City airport on Monday waiting for my bag at the baggage claim, I listened to a voicemail message on my cell phone. I had won the three hearts! I provided my mailing address and my beads arrived on Friday. Here is a picture of them. Three heart beads
These beads were made by Jeannie Cox. Aren't they lovely? I'm so excited I won them! Take a look at Jeannie's web site at www.jeansbeads.com to see more of her beautiful beads. Thanks, Jeannie, for donating such a gorgeous prize!

But wait...there's more! I was happy to win my pretty beads, and then last night I got an email telling me I had won a giveaway that I entered online before I went to Tucson. Ashley promotes many nice giveaways on her Life is Beautiful blog. I entered this one whose prize was the choice of any item in the Gleeful Peacock Etsy shop. I chose a pretty locket called the "Locket Sproket Necklace". Many thanks to Ashley and Nikki for sponsoring such a nice giveaway!

Wow, twice in one week...I really can't believe it! Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket before things get back to normal...

Tucson Trip

Yes, I still really do exist. I've had a lot to catch up on at work since I returned. I got home last Monday from Tucson. I had a wonderful time visiting with my friend Carolyn, who lives in California and whom I hadn't seen in years. We went to five bead shows in three days, took a class to learn to make a spiral peyote stitch bracelet and stayed up much too late each night working on our bracelets. We both bought a lot of beads and jewelry. I'll be sharing some of the pretty things I bought with you soon.

Meanwhile, here's a photo of what I got done while on my trip. This is my black and white spiral peyote bracelet (just needs to have a couple threads cut off) and the beginning of my second bracelet.
My spiral peyote bracelets
We took the class from a very nice lady by the name of Geri Cook. Geri drove all the way from Louisville, KY to Tucson. She has a bead shop in Louisville called Beadweavers. You can see her shop here, at www.beadweaversonline.com.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My shop is promoted on a blog!

Hello! I hope you will take a look at a www.dzfantasy.blogspot.com, a very pretty blog featuring all sorts of works of art. Donna, the blog creator, is a fiber artist. Many of her lovely and unique works are pictured on this blog, along with the works of other artists. And Donna is a big promoter of Etsy. Each month, she generously promotes works of several Etsy artists.

This month, my Prized Possessions Etsy jewelry shop is one of the shops she is showing. Please check out Donna's nice blog and take a look at my shop in the left column under the Etsy minis heading.

Thank you, Donna, for your support of Etsy artists! And keep up the great work on your lovely artwork and your interesting blog!

P.S. Tomorrow I'm leaving town for Tucson. Going to the bead shows for the first time! I can't wait! And the best part is I'm meeting my dear friend Carolyn there. She lives in California and I haven't seen her in a few years. She, too is into beading and jewelry. She recently moved from Ruby Lane to Etsy. Check out her shop at www.callmecrazi.etsy.com. We're taking a spiral peyote bracelet class, which should be fun. I'll give an update on Tucson after I return on Monday!