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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Charms, Wreath and Locket

I really wanted to keep up with my blog posts much better in 2010, but I'm working so much overtime that I just don't have the time. I was going to do so much more with my Etsy shops, but that's just not happening. But, last weekend, I made my first soldered charms at home after taking my class in January. Hopefully, I will get them into my Etsy shop soon. But until then, here's a picture of what I made last week. It was fun!My first soldered charms

Even though I was working on and off over the weekend from home, I did do some fun things. I had another session at my house Saturday morning continuing work with one of my baseball mom friends on her tee shirt quilt. And today I made a green marabou St. Patrick's Day wreath and got it listed on Etsy. I like this wreath better than the one I made for myself last year. St. Patrick's Day wreath

I came home from work on Thursday after working 12 hours, not in a very good mood, and my husband handed me a package that came in the mail. I had been so busy I had forgotten all about the giveaway that I won. My locket came from the Gleeful Peacock. Thanks, Nikki, I love my necklace! I need to figure out how to put some small photos in it soon. That really made my day!Locket - closed
Locket - open

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