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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lisa's Earrings - Hot Pink Barbie Shoes

I've been waiting to post a picture of my latest earrings. I love them! These are right up there with my credit card jewelry as far as getting comments from total strangers about them when I wear them.
Lisa's Earrings - Hot Pink
Aren't these cute? I must admit, they were not my idea. Every year, we go to my cousin's house for brunch on Easter. This year, not long before we were to leave for his house, his wife called me, explained a jewelry project to me and asked if I could bring some of my jewelry tools with me. So I did.

Here is the very nice story behind the jewelry project. My cousin's wife has quite a large family in town. They are part of Easter brunch every year. One of the sisters-in-law is Lisa. Lisa likes pink. When she turned 50 last year, she was given a Barbie birthday party since Barbie turned 50 last year, also. They made her a pair of these cute earrings.

Lisa is now fighting cancer and has chemo every Thursday. She wears her pink Barbie shoe earrings when she goes to chemo. The Easter project was to make many more pairs of earrings so all Lisa's family and friends could have a pair. Now they all wear their pink Barbie shoe earrings on Thursdays in support of Lisa. I went home with a pair, too.

A short time later, I was thinking about how everyone loved these earrings. Girls and ladies at the brunch of all ages all thought they were so cute. I have had pink jewelry in my Etsy shop for quite some time in honor of my friend Marilyn who passed away from cancer a few years ago. When I sell a piece of this jewelry, I donate $5 from the sale price to Susan G. Komen. I thought it would be nice to add these cute earrings to my shop and donate the sale price. I asked my cousin's wife if they would mind if I sold these earrings and donated the proceeds to Susan G. Komen. She thought it was a great idea.

I found Barbie shoes on eBay, which is where the Easter shoes came from. I ordered both hot pink and light pink shoes from different vendors. I decided to donate the materials for the earrings, charge $5 per pair and donate the entire $5 to Susan G. Komen. I will charge $1 for shipping (It costs me a little over $1 for the postage, not counting shipping supplies.), regardless of how many pairs are included in an order. I will also sell locally in the Kansas City area. Same price, but no shipping fee required if I can get the earrings to you directly.

My hot pink shoes arrived in the mail today. I started making my earrings. Once my light pink shoes arrive, I will start selling light pink earrings, too. Here is the link to the earrings in my Etsy shop. Or you can click on the photo above to go to the Etsy listing, too.

Please pass on the word concerning these cute earrings and my donations to Susan G. Komen to anyone you think might be interested in doing this. I bought a lot of pink shoes, so I'm hoping I can accumulate quite a lot of donations for Susan G. Komen. Thanks for your support!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Toto's Photos

My son's high school baseball team played in a tournament in Clinton, Mo Friday night and Saturday. They played pretty well, except for one very unfortunate inning that caused a lot of trouble. But the topic of this post is not baseball, but a very cute dog named Toto that I met at the games on Saturday. He came with one of our fans. He's part shih tzu and part terrier. He was SO CUTE! I'm a huge dog lover, but we haven't had a dog in several years, so I need to get my doggie fixes elsewhere. And I had fun getting my fix with Toto on Saturday. He sat on my lap and climbed the bleachers and was quite entertaining. So much so, that I missed a few plays in the ball game because I was paying too much attention to him. I couldn't resist snapping a couple photos of him. They turned out so cute, with his whiskers blowing in the breeze, I just had to share them here.
Toto at the ball game
Another picture of Toto

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring at Last!

When I got home from work yesterday, the sun was still shining and it was close to 80 degrees! The weather became very nice this week – quite different from two Saturdays ago when it snowed all day! I had a lot of purple crocuses that were blanketed by the snow. When the snow melted, the blooms were gone. I wish I had photographed them. But yesterday, I noticed some of my spring bulbs coming up and thought they would make some very nice pictures.

I love hyacinths! They smell so good. And they remind me of the year, when I was in grade school sometime, when my dad sent me a potted hyacinth for Valentine’s Day. My mom got flowers, too, but I had my very own. It’s the only time I ever remembering him doing that, but I still remember how my whole bedroom smelled of hyacinths. It was wonderful!
white hyacinth
This white one is looking pretty good. The pink one was almost all the way open. And you can see other pink ones that have barely started to open in the background.
pink hyacinth
And my daffodils are just getting ready to open. They are all still very green-looking, but they are so close! I love daffodils, too!
partially opened daffodil bloom
We had such a long, dreary, snowy winter in the Kansas City area that it is very nice to think that maybe, just maybe, spring is finally here!