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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Toto's Photos

My son's high school baseball team played in a tournament in Clinton, Mo Friday night and Saturday. They played pretty well, except for one very unfortunate inning that caused a lot of trouble. But the topic of this post is not baseball, but a very cute dog named Toto that I met at the games on Saturday. He came with one of our fans. He's part shih tzu and part terrier. He was SO CUTE! I'm a huge dog lover, but we haven't had a dog in several years, so I need to get my doggie fixes elsewhere. And I had fun getting my fix with Toto on Saturday. He sat on my lap and climbed the bleachers and was quite entertaining. So much so, that I missed a few plays in the ball game because I was paying too much attention to him. I couldn't resist snapping a couple photos of him. They turned out so cute, with his whiskers blowing in the breeze, I just had to share them here.
Toto at the ball game
Another picture of Toto

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