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Monday, May 31, 2010

Beaded Belt

Graduation is over. We had a beautiful night for an outdoor ceremony Saturday night. Went to one party yesterday (skipped the second one) and actually had a little extra time on my hands during this long weekend. So I decided to make my belt.

Last August, a friend told me she had been looking for a beaded belt to go with a red, white and blue outfit of hers. She hadn't found anything and wondered if I could make something for her. I had never made a belt before, but ended up with the one in this post.

Not long afterward, I bought the beads for my own belt. But then I got busy with my tee shirt quilt, the holidays came along, all the overtime at work, baseball season, my graduation party...Needless to say, I never made my belt. So this was the project I decided on yesterday when I wanted to make something for myself. I started it yesterday and finished it this morning. And I'll probably wear it to work tomorrow! I have plenty of extra beads so I might think about a matching bracelet and/or earrings. But at least I have the belt finished now!
My new beaded belt
Here's a closeup of the beads. Some of them look a little brownish in the light in this photo. They're really a very pretty light purple shade, kind of amethyst-colored. Belt closeup

Friday, May 28, 2010

Graduation Party and Baseball

I'm afraid I haven't had much time for my jewelry or my blogging lately. The end of the school year has been extremely busy! Although my son Joe does not graduate from high school until tomorrow, he finished his last final two weeks ago. I had been spending much of my time getting ready for the open house we held last Sunday afternoon. We had around 60 people who stopped in at one time or another. It was a lot of fun, but it's kind of nice to have it over with.

I had been very sad preparing to have my only child graduate and go away to school. However, for about the last week and a half, I've been too excited to think about being sad. Last week, high school district playoff games for class 3 baseball in Missouri finally started after a couple rainouts. Last Friday night, Joe's high school baseball team easily won the semifinal district game, then won the district championship 5-4 in extra innings. It was the most stressful game I'd been to since Joe was 10 and his team won the Kansas state championship. Friday we played a team we lost to by one run earlier in the season. High school games are seven innings. We went into the 8th inning tied 4-4. Joe was the first batter in the top of the inning. He hit a triple back to the 350-foot fence and then scored on an error by the other team to break the tie. We were down 3-1 early in the game, but then the two teams were never more than a run apart for the rest of the game. Very stressful. This is the first time our school won the district championship since 1990.

Tuesday we easily won our first sectional game 4-0. But last night the stress came back in the quarterfinal game. We played a team who was ranked number 3 in the state based on their record. We were down 9-2 at one point in the game. We went into the top of the 7th inning down 9-4. This other team was acting like they had already won the game and forgot they still needed to play another inning. They went through three pitchers and walked in three runs. Joe walked with the bases loaded, and so did the batter after him. When Joe made it to third base, he scored the tying run on a wild pitch. The catcher then tried to throw to the pitcher, who was covering home, and threw it past him, scoring the next runner for the tie-breaking run. We won 10-9. That last inning had enough excitement and stress in it for an entire game! It was quite exciting! Next Friday we play in the semifinals. And a week later, Joe will be playing in the East-West Missouri All Star game. So high school baseball is far from over!

Here is a picture I took last night after the game.

Pembroke Hill Raiders after winning Missouri quarterfinal game
And here is a picture of the pair of mascots the team adopted two or three weeks ago. They found these toads on a couple of different days when working on the field. The toads now attend all our games and continue to lead the team to victory. Team mascots

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last Week's Customer Appreciation Night

Not long ago, I was spending time getting ready to participate in my hair salon's Customer Appreciation Night on 5/12. They served wine and appetizers and invited quite a few vendors to come sell their wares during the event. I was fortunate to be asked to sell my jewelry. Unfortunately, we had a lot of rain that day and a tornado watch during the event, so not a lot of customers came. I sold a bracelet and a pair of earrings, bought a cute top from the lady in the space next to mine and met some nice and interesting people there, so it was still a very enjoyable evening. And the salon owner decided she would have individual sellers set up in the lobby area on Thursdays, so when the hectic activity around graduation calms down, I'll have to work out a good Thursday to give this a try. If you're a customer of Cutting Loose Salon in Overland Park, KS, schedule your hair appointments on Thursdays and check out the vendors!

Here are photos of my jewelry display.
My tabletop jewelry display
My countertop jewelry display

The last time I got my hair cut, my stylist Linda told me that the photographer who did Joe's senior portraits would also be a vendor there that night. He is also one of her clients. I knew I would see him there but I was surprised to learn that he was displaying one of Joe's portraits that night. The baseball photo on the easel is my son. (I should have asked that lady standing there to move to get her reflection out of my photo!) We loved the way this photo turned out. Scott, of J Scott Photography, wanted to do a photo at a ball park with the lights on in the background. Quite by accident, all the pieces fell into place for some great shots. We went to a nearby baseball complex one weekday evening last fall. Some games were going to be starting up soon. The lights were coming on and we found an empty field to use before an adult kickball game was to get started! Scott took a lot of shots that turned out great. The sun was setting and clouds were moving in and the sky looked very nice. And we just lucked out, too, with the timing. Before we left, the kickball game had been cancelled due to the weather and very soon it was raining. We couldn't have timed it any better!Joe's portrait

Baseball Tee Shirt Quilt...Finally Finished!

I finally finished it! Just tonight! The baseball tee shirt quilt that I started last summer, had all pieced together by Halloween, had barely started quilting by Thanksgiving and didn't touch again until several days ago (the desire was there, but not the time...too much OT at work)...it's finally finished! I really wanted to get it done before graduation, which is May 29. And before the party we're having at our house this Sunday. So that's a big item to cross off my to do list!

Here are pictures of it. You can't tell, but the backing fabric is denim, which makes it a very warm quilt. Hope my son goes somewhere to school where it will be at least a little bit cold so he'll be able to use it!
whole quilt
top half of quilt
bottom half of quilt

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quick Update

Hello! Just a quick update to let you know I still exist. I am rather overwhelmed right now with graduation-related activities. Last Wednesday was my customer appreciation night at my hair salon. Unfortunately, it rained a lot and we were under a tornado watch, so the attendance was not too good. But I did sell one bracelet (to my wonderful hair dresser - thanks Linda!) and a pair of Barbie shoe earrings. And I bought a cute and unique top from the lady in the booth next to me. I promise I'll post some photos soon.

I'm getting ready for our graduation party on 5/23. Last weekend, we attended two graduation parties, along with a KC Royals game Saturday night (great seats - 2nd row, right behind home plate! Didn't even mind that I had to wear my poncho all night and sit through drizzley rain.) and our dinner theater performance Sunday night. I've been trying to finish my baseball quilt (almost done!), plan my party and baseball district playoff games began today after being postponed twice due to rain. We won 10-0 so get to play again tomorrow. Will be a tougher game - wish us luck!

My son learned Sunday that he and another teammate were chosen to play in the East-West All Star Game in Missouri in June. That was very exciting news! So high school baseball won't quite be over for yet another few weeks.

Some beads I ordered arrived today, so I need to get to work on a custom order for a co-worker of my husband. I think I might need to take another Friday off work this week to stay on top of things! At least my work is starting to slow down just a bit...hopefully the overtime will decrease now. I know it's going to decrease at least until graduation is over on 5/29! Too much to do at home!

I promise I'll post some photos soon! Hope your spring has been going well for you!

Monday, May 10, 2010

More Pendants

Here are more of the pendants that I have finished in the last couple days. This first photo is of more soldered pendants that I have now polished. I will be selling these at my hair salon's customer appreciation night this Wednesday. (Cutting Loose at 127th and Metcalf, Overland Park, KS).

Soldered pendants
When I went to the bead shows in Tucson, I found a vendor that had a ton of different colors, styles and sizes of Swarovski crystals. I bought quite a few heart shaped beads for pendants. I've had a few listed in my Etsy shop, but made a lot more pendants to sell on Wednesday. These pendants have been a big selling item for me, so I thought I would make at least one in every color I have for this event. What I have left, I will list in my Etsy shop. Swarovski crystal pendants
If you're in the Kansas City area, please come by the Cutting Loose Hair Salon's customer appreciation night on Wednesday 5/12 from 6-7:30 PM. It's located at 127th and Metcalf. Should be fun!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Soldered Pendants

I spent last night and tonight working on my new soldered pendants. My son's 4:30 baseball game was rained out (water standing on the field, although we haven't had rain at our house in quite some time), so I had extra time to work on my pendants. I made 14 of them. Here are three that are totally finished. The rest either need to be polished or have jump rings attached to make the ring on the top. I should finish them tomorrow. (After two baseball games - make-up games from an earlier rained out tournament)
New soldered pandants
I bought the beautiful images last night on Etsy from Charmed Memory Collage. I love them...it's hard to decide which ones to use first!

Next Wednesday 5/12, I am going to be selling my jewelry at the salon where I get my hair cut, Cutting Loose in Overland Park, KS. I'm going to be selling my new pendants there. I'll list them in my Etsy shop, Prized Possessions, after that event is over.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Collage Sheets

I don't have pictures today, but just a quick jewelry update. I just purchased some collage sheets of 1-inch square images on Etsy for some new pendants. I bought three sheets and got a fourth free. They are BEAUTIFUL! I have roses, Paris, miscellaneous vintage and vintage children and cherubs. I purchased them from the Charmed Memory Collage Etsy shop. Go check out her shop if you're interested in digital images...they're lovely. It will be hard to decide which one to use first. I'll try to post photos of some finished work very soon. I want to make more pendants for the customer appreciation night I will participate in at my hair salon next Wednesday. I'll be a vendor there. I'm anxious to see how that goes.

Off to my craft room to make pendants...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Credit Card Jewelry

Wow...blog posts two days in a row! That's pretty good compared to what I've been able to do lately!

I met my first goal - I listed my light pink Barbie shoe earrings on Etsy. Please check them out. Now I have both hot pink and light pink shoes to choose from.

And goal number 2 - show photos of my newest credit card jewelry and start listing it all in my Etsy shop. First the blog post, next the Etsy listings.

This is my favorite new bracelet. I love the pastel colors. It's amazing what colors you can find in hotel keys and gift cards!Pastel Mini Take Credit Bracelet
Here's my pizza bracelet. A lot of hotel card keys have pizza ads on them. This was made with assorted types of pizza. Every pizza lover should have one.Pizza Mini Take Credit Bracelet
And with summer coming up soon, this one is perfect for the Fourth of July. Red, white and blue.Red, White and Blue Mini Take Credit Bracelet
Of course, they all have matching earrings.Pastel Mini Take Credit Earrings
Pizza Mini Take Credit Earrings
Red, White and Blue Mini Take Credit Earrings
As I get these items listed in my Etsy shop, I will link the photos to the listings.

Hmmmm....think I can make it three days in a row with blog posts? Check back tomorrow and find out!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lisa's Earrings - Light Pink Barbie Shoes

Yes, I still do exist and I still do blog. More on that later. But first, here are my light pink Barbie shoe earrings. I finally received my light pink shoes from China that I ordered from ebay. They took much longer to arrive than my bright pink shoes. Please see my previous blog post for the full story, but basically I'm donating the materials for my bright pink and light pink earrings. For $5, which I will donate to Susan G. Komen, I will send you a pair of earrings. One dollar for shipping and handling, no matter how many pairs of earrings you order. Light Pink Barbie Shoe Earrings
Tomorrow I will add these earrings to my Etsy shop. The bright pink ones are listed now.

I can't believe it's been so long since my last post. Since then, I have been working too much overtime, going to all my son's high school baseball games (I haven't missed an inning yet - tonight he hit a two-run homer!), making plans for graduation, taking a two-day college visit trip to Galesburg, IL and Danville, KY and getting stranded an extra night in Chicago due to the weather...it's been busy! Before the big focus on graduation party announcements and party invitations (which I spent all weekend making and addressing), I actually did make some jewelry. New credit card jewelry that I photographed tonight. Will hopefully do a blog post tomorrow. And I did attend the local bead show on Sunday and picked up a few things I was in need of. Mainly for my next jewelry venture...My hair salon is having a customer appreciation night May 12. They will be having some vendors present and I will be participating in that. Like I don't have enough to do right now! But it's just a couple hours...should be fun.

OK...time to turn in for the night. I will do my very best to do another post tomorrow. I need goals to aim for. And I've already got the photos taken, so that helps. Good night! Please check back for my next update after tomorrow night.