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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baseball Tee Shirt Quilt...Finally Finished!

I finally finished it! Just tonight! The baseball tee shirt quilt that I started last summer, had all pieced together by Halloween, had barely started quilting by Thanksgiving and didn't touch again until several days ago (the desire was there, but not the time...too much OT at work)...it's finally finished! I really wanted to get it done before graduation, which is May 29. And before the party we're having at our house this Sunday. So that's a big item to cross off my to do list!

Here are pictures of it. You can't tell, but the backing fabric is denim, which makes it a very warm quilt. Hope my son goes somewhere to school where it will be at least a little bit cold so he'll be able to use it!
whole quilt
top half of quilt
bottom half of quilt

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