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Friday, May 28, 2010

Graduation Party and Baseball

I'm afraid I haven't had much time for my jewelry or my blogging lately. The end of the school year has been extremely busy! Although my son Joe does not graduate from high school until tomorrow, he finished his last final two weeks ago. I had been spending much of my time getting ready for the open house we held last Sunday afternoon. We had around 60 people who stopped in at one time or another. It was a lot of fun, but it's kind of nice to have it over with.

I had been very sad preparing to have my only child graduate and go away to school. However, for about the last week and a half, I've been too excited to think about being sad. Last week, high school district playoff games for class 3 baseball in Missouri finally started after a couple rainouts. Last Friday night, Joe's high school baseball team easily won the semifinal district game, then won the district championship 5-4 in extra innings. It was the most stressful game I'd been to since Joe was 10 and his team won the Kansas state championship. Friday we played a team we lost to by one run earlier in the season. High school games are seven innings. We went into the 8th inning tied 4-4. Joe was the first batter in the top of the inning. He hit a triple back to the 350-foot fence and then scored on an error by the other team to break the tie. We were down 3-1 early in the game, but then the two teams were never more than a run apart for the rest of the game. Very stressful. This is the first time our school won the district championship since 1990.

Tuesday we easily won our first sectional game 4-0. But last night the stress came back in the quarterfinal game. We played a team who was ranked number 3 in the state based on their record. We were down 9-2 at one point in the game. We went into the top of the 7th inning down 9-4. This other team was acting like they had already won the game and forgot they still needed to play another inning. They went through three pitchers and walked in three runs. Joe walked with the bases loaded, and so did the batter after him. When Joe made it to third base, he scored the tying run on a wild pitch. The catcher then tried to throw to the pitcher, who was covering home, and threw it past him, scoring the next runner for the tie-breaking run. We won 10-9. That last inning had enough excitement and stress in it for an entire game! It was quite exciting! Next Friday we play in the semifinals. And a week later, Joe will be playing in the East-West Missouri All Star game. So high school baseball is far from over!

Here is a picture I took last night after the game.

Pembroke Hill Raiders after winning Missouri quarterfinal game
And here is a picture of the pair of mascots the team adopted two or three weeks ago. They found these toads on a couple of different days when working on the field. The toads now attend all our games and continue to lead the team to victory. Team mascots

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