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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Credit Card Jewelry

Wow...blog posts two days in a row! That's pretty good compared to what I've been able to do lately!

I met my first goal - I listed my light pink Barbie shoe earrings on Etsy. Please check them out. Now I have both hot pink and light pink shoes to choose from.

And goal number 2 - show photos of my newest credit card jewelry and start listing it all in my Etsy shop. First the blog post, next the Etsy listings.

This is my favorite new bracelet. I love the pastel colors. It's amazing what colors you can find in hotel keys and gift cards!Pastel Mini Take Credit Bracelet
Here's my pizza bracelet. A lot of hotel card keys have pizza ads on them. This was made with assorted types of pizza. Every pizza lover should have one.Pizza Mini Take Credit Bracelet
And with summer coming up soon, this one is perfect for the Fourth of July. Red, white and blue.Red, White and Blue Mini Take Credit Bracelet
Of course, they all have matching earrings.Pastel Mini Take Credit Earrings
Pizza Mini Take Credit Earrings
Red, White and Blue Mini Take Credit Earrings
As I get these items listed in my Etsy shop, I will link the photos to the listings.

Hmmmm....think I can make it three days in a row with blog posts? Check back tomorrow and find out!

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