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Monday, June 14, 2010

Custom Jewelry (and Baseball)

Life just keeps on being busy! The year-end baseball party for the high school team was last Wednesday. I was very surprised when the seniors gave their moms a pretty basket of flowers in the school colors. But later I realized I didn't get a picture of me with my son and my flowers at the party. I would have liked that. Oh, well. Here are my pretty flowers. I took them to work with me on Thursday to enjoy since I was going to be be out of town the next two days. And on Monday night, they still look great!
My flowers
Thursday night we drove halfway to St. Louis. Friday we spent all day on tours and in meetings with people from various departments at the University of Missouri at St. Louis, including 3.5 hours with the baseball coach. We have now confirmed that my son will be able to play baseball at UMSL and have decided this is where he will go to school next year. It's good to have that decision finally behind us.

Saturday was the East-West Missouri class 3 All Star game. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperative. After 2.5 innings, the game was rained out. We have had a ton of rain in the midwest recently and too much of it decided to come not long after this game started. At least Joe got to bat once. Some members of the team hadn't even been up to bat yet by the time the game was cancelled. But I guess that's baseball!

Next exciting news that we learned last Friday is that Joe was chosen to play on a Metro team representing Missouri. There is also a Kansas team (although we live in Kansas, Joe went to school in Missouri). Next Monday, Missouri plays Kansas. And will this ever be exciting! The game will be played at Kauffman Stadium, home of the KC Royals! Hopefully this game will not be rained out!

For weeks now, I've been trying to finish a custom jewelry order that I had received. I donated a bracelet and earrings to a benefit auction that my husband's company had about a year ago. The woman (a co-worker of my husband) who bought my jewelry for her sister-in-law wondered if I could make a matching necklace. Fortunately, I still had more of the beads used in the bracelet that I could use in a necklace. Here is my finished necklace. Finished custom necklace
This woman had lost one earring of a favorite pair of hers. She wondered if I could make some similar and sent the one remaining earring to me. Here is the lone earring on the right, along with the new pair I made on the left. Pearl and crystal earrings
She also had a necklace that matched the earrings. She sent that to me and wanted me to make a bracelet to match. Here is the necklace she sent.Existing necklace
And here is the bracelet I made to go with it. Matching pearl and crystal bracelet
Fortunately, this customer was in no hurry for any of her jewelry pieces. She was very understanding when I was tied up with graduatiom, my party, and all the baseball games I wasn't expecting, like the state final four. It's very nice to finally be finished with this jewelry and give her the finished pieces!

One of the photos I showed this customer for a possible bracelet was too much like a bracelet she already had. But I really liked the bracelet idea. I had just strung beads on some beading wire without finishing the bracelet to show her a photo of the idea. Now I'm going to make this bracelet soon. Then I'll need to decide whether to list it on Etsy or declare it mine! Stay tuned for the new bracelet...

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