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Monday, June 7, 2010

My New Discovery - Podcasts!

If you’ve read my blog lately, you know that the two things that have been keeping me busy lately have been graduation and baseball. That combination just introduced me to a whole new world of great info – podcasts. Here’s how this happened.

GRADUATION My son’s graduation gift was a laptop that he can take to school with him. While my husband and I have always been PC people, and my son has a desktop PC at home, after doing some research, Joe decided he wanted a Mac. He knows a lot of people who have Mac’s and has seen what they can do. So we headed off to our friendly neighborhood Apple store. After a research visit, we headed back the next day to make the purchase – a Mac Book Pro. And one of the promotions going on was a $199 rebate on an iPod touch, the price of the basic 8GB version. Joe already had an iPod touch and saw no reason to get a new one that was just like his old one, so the new iPod became mine! My first iPod. I had always kind of wanted one, but never spent time looking into them to actually put it on my birthday or Christmas list. So Joe came home with his MacBook and I came home with my iPod touch.

BASEBALL I had stayed up too late a couple nights playing with my new iPod and seeing what I wanted to do with it first. And then I discovered free podcasts. Although I got a new Android phone last fall, there is so much you can do with it and I had so much to learn about it that podcasts were nowhere near the top of my list. But with my new iPod, they were way up there on the list. All the podcasts in the Apple store are free, both audio and video podcasts. The night before we went to our State baseball games, I searched for podcasts to load to my iPod for entertainment in the car. Of course, the first topics I searched for were crafts, beading and jewelry. I loaded some podcasts from several sources but the one where I found the most episodes of interest to me was www.craftypod.com. Loads of great topics! While many topics cover selling your crafts, marketing and interviews with craftypreneurs, there are lots of topic of interest to general craft lovers, too, on a wide variety of topics, such as yarn crafts, paper crafts, food, books, you name it! And even if you don’t have a new iPod like me, you can listen to the podcasts online. :-) The episodes also have online notes that you can reference for even more information, some with links to other resources. There are also tutorials, videos, info on books and links to other podcasts on this site. What a wonderful site! I’ve barely touched the tip of the iceberg here!

One of the sites that I learned about on a podcast was www.oneprettything.com. This is a totally amazing site! I’ve touched even a smaller iceberg tip here. I heard an interview with Rachel, the site creator, and she is amazing. It made me have to go look at this site. She checks out thousands of craft blogs and sites to round up the best of tutorials and how-to info. I have to warn you now – you might want to go here just to see what the site is like, but try to check it out when you have a lot of time available because you won’t want to leave this site!

With more baseball travelling coming up this summer, hopefully I’ll find lots of time to dig deeper into all these great podcasts I have discovered!

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  1. Aww, what a fun story! I'm so thrilled that you found me through CraftyPod. It's my favorite podcast and I love listening to it while I sew. I have to warn you, I have quite a few friends who have gotten hooked on Apple products via the gateway ipod. It's a slippery slope that I heartily recommend. =)

    Thanks so much for the shout-out and the kind words!