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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tourists in Omaha

The baseball tournament in Omaha was supposed to start on the Monday that my son played in the game at Kauffman Stadium. He was going to miss the two games that day and we were going to drive to Omaha that evening. However, because of all the rain in the Omaha area, the Monday games were both cancelled so he didn’t miss any games. The schedule was redone and we didn’t have games until Tuesday afternoon, so we went to Omaha on Tuesday morning. As it turned out, those two Tuesday games were the only ones we played. It stormed all Tuesday night and the games Wednesday were cancelled. While we toyed with the idea of going home Wednesday morning, we had tickets to the College World Series Wednesday night. And Wednesday was our wedding anniversary so we decided to stay in Omaha and be tourists for the day on Wednesday and go to the game that evening.

We went to the Strategic Air Command Museum. They have two huge hangars of planes on display. While I’m not overly into bombers and aircraft, I enjoyed the museum. My favorites were the B-52 (it’s huge!) and the B-1 bomber. They also had on display the pod racer from Star Wars. That was kind of fun to see!Strategic Air Command Museum
After the museum, we had lunch in the Old Market area. I think that’s a very fun area. Lots of interesting shops and restaurants. Then we went to the great junk/antique shop that I discovered a year ago, Second Chance Antiques on Jackson Street. What a fun shop! Then we went to Cornerstone Gem and Bead Company, another shop I discovered last year. I’ll show photos of my purchases tomorrow.

After my shopping, we headed to Rosenblatt Stadium for the College World Series game. In case all you craft fans are not aware of this, 2010 is the last year for the World Series at Rosenblatt. They are building a new stadium downtown. Rosenblatt will be torn down and the space used to expand the Henry Doorly Zoo. While I love animals and zoos (I used to be a docent at the KC Zoo), it’s kind of sad to think a nice stadium, with all its history and 60 years of baseball, will be torn down. We bought tee shirts before the game then watched a pretty exciting game between Florida State and TCU. While I wasn’t rooting for either team, it was still fun to watch. TCU won 11-7. It was pretty exciting to see a grand slam in a CWS game!Rosenblatt Stadium
TCU - Florida State game at Rosenblatt
If you live in the Midwest, or are there visiting sometime, I highly recommend a trip to Omaha. There is a lot to do there and it’s a nice sized city. Not too big, so it’s easy to get around. And not too small, so there’s a lot to do. Check it out sometime! And come back tomorrow to see my Omaha purchases.

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