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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beaded Ornaments

I took a bead project with me to Omaha in case I found myself with time on my hands. Tuesday night, while in our hotel room, I had a chance to work on some beaded Christmas ornaments. I made one ornament that night and worked on one in the car on the way home Thursday until I decided it was really too much trouble to do this in the car. But when I got home, I had 1.5 ornaments completed. I always forget how much I enjoy doing the netting on ornaments once I’ve set them aside. After I got home, not only did I finish the ornament I started, but I also made three more. Here is a picture of the ornaments I made recently. I’ll be listing them on Etsy pretty soon, once I decide it’s time to start showing Christmas ornaments. Beaded Christmas ornaments
I was hoping to find some item that would make a good ornament display when I was shopping at my favorite junk store, but nothing jumped out at me. I need to continue to look for something that will make the perfect display. When I do my home shows, I use a small artificial Christmas tree, but it’s a little large to take to other shows. So I will just have to keep looking and thinking about display ideas. Anyone have any good ideas, other than a somewhat smaller Christmas tree?